Chris Mullin Rumors

If NBA teams were smarter, they’d sell three kinds of tickets to Warriors games: one for the game, one for Curry’s pre-game show and one for both. Oh, the money that could be made. Kerr and Mullin, who both spent time playing and traveling with Michael Jordan, said the nation’s infatuation with Curry is getting to that place where comparisons are warranted. “I was around Michael during the summer of ’92,” Mullin said. “So yeah, I think it’s at that level.”
Mullin, one of the greatest shooters in Warriors history and now the St. John’s head coach, raved about Stephen Curry after he and his players got an up-close look at the reigning MVP. “One hundred percent the best shooter all-time,” Mullin said of Curry. “No question. It’s beautiful. First of all, he’s the best shooter of all-time, but he’s much more than that. He commands so much attention. A lot of times, other guys are getting triple-doubles because of the attention he gets. He’ll get the hockey assists just because they’ll double him so early. It might be two passes later, but it really started with him.