Coaching Rumors

The Magic lost 106-100 and allowed the Hornets to make 45.3 percent of their shot attempts. “It’s an interesting thing,” Skiles said. “We just got beat. Our main players didn’t play very much in the second half, and God bless our fans, they’re lining up in the tunnel down there [near our locker room] cheering for us and everybody’s back there shaking our guys’ hands and everything. At some point, we have to get past that everything is OK. We did not start the second half with any sort of energy whatsoever; [the Hornets] did. And that is not OK. If you want to win, that’s not OK. We need to understand that.”
via Orlando Sentinel
Players must carry even more responsibility to uphold the standard to “keep the ship sailing,” as Green put it. It’s just another lesson he learned from Michigan State coach Tom Izzo. “That’s myself, that’s Steph (Curry), that’s (Andrew) Bogut, that’s Andre (Iguodala), that’s us as leaders,” he said. “If something isn’t going right, we have to step up. At the end of the day, Luke can do it and he will do it, but anytime you can get something from another player, it’s better. Coach Izzo always had a saying, `A player-coached team is always better than a coach-coached team.’ ”
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“They were either 7 years old back then or they are really old now,’’ Skiles, 51, said with a chuckle. “I’m not trying to sound like I’m not excited about coaching the team, but I’ve played in a lot of games and coached in a lot of games. “It is my first game with this team, so I’m just looking forward to getting into a game with them,’’ Skiles continued. “Then, we’ll get into a regular timeout or a guy will get upset about a call and get a technical – things that you can’t simulate in practice – and it will be good to go through that with the guys.’’