Danny Ainge Rumors

Both Celtics were asked about the future — always a tough call when Danny Ainge is preparing another offseason plan — and didn’t attempt to gloss over reality. “You never know how it might be out here,” said Thomas. “You never know, it’s just the business of the game. We don’t got no Michael Jordan in here. So anybody’s name can be in rumors. Anybody can be gone. But hopefully I can be here.” Still, Crowder felt compelled to follow up on that. “We hope to stay,” he said. “I hope to stay and I hope he does, too. We’ll see how it goes.”
With all the assets at his disposal — including cap space for two maximum salary free agents — this summer has the potential to alter the face of the Celtics for the next decade. At the very least, they would like to take a giant step or two. “Yeah, I hope so,” said Ainge. “We’ll be working hard to try to improve the team, and we hope that we have some good choices. But we have a lot of guys that we really like and that we want to build around, and we hope that we have a lot of options. I hope that we make some changes, sure. Significant? I don’t know what that means, but I hope that we can make some changes to improve our team.”