Danny Ainge Rumors

The Celtics will gather tomorrow at their practice facility in Waltham for Media Day. It is a perfectly fine home for the club, a private section of a larger building that includes a health club and medical facilities. But in the ever growing and modernizing NBA sphere, the footprint no longer measures up to the Celts’ needs. So, as announced earlier this year, the club is expecting to move into a new building at Boston Landing in 2018. Groundbreaking for the development, between the Bruins’ new practice rink and the New Balance Building hard by the Mass. Pike, will come later this fall.
In addition to more court space, the Celts will gain greater room for corporate and community functions, and be closer to the team’s downtown offices. But what will it mean to the product, to the people in sneakers? According to Danny Ainge, quite a bit. “It is a big deal,” said the Celts’ president of basketball operations. “It’s a big deal for our players, and it’ll be a big deal for our team to have two regulation courts. I mean, that’s probably the biggest thing. Our facility’s good now, but one court’s not enough. I mean, with 15 players, we need two courts. We don’t have enough space. We’re trying to build a better facility to become a better team. “But,” he added, “we won 17 banners with one court, so it’s not, like, mandatory.”