Danny Ainge Rumors

“We got a big addition in Al Horford. Got my guy Gerald Green coming back to Boston,” Thomas said. “I’m excited. I think we’ve got the right pieces to go forward. Danny Ainge and those [front office] guys, they might have a little bit more work to do but, at the same time, the group that we have, I’m excited about the opportunity to get together and get things going. I’m anxious to get a new season going because it should be a lot of excitement around here in Boston.”
2 weeks ago via ESPN
For his part, Stevens — who dodged answering a question about the length and value of his new contract — credited the ownership group for creating an environment that he wanted to be a part of. “They approached me on it,” Stevens said. “This is one of those things: We’ve enjoyed living here, I’ve enjoyed coaching here, I like the group we have, I like our direction, I like that we’re empowered every day by our ownership and leadership to just do our part well. We all have a small role to play to help this thing move forward.”
Crowder knows what the Celtics need — he was, after all, one of the players chosen by Danny Ainge to help with free-agent recruiting pitches this summer. From Ainge, that was a vote of confidence — the players who were asked to help were players likely to be in Boston long-term. “Obviously, that’s a big step,” Crowder said. “I can’t say no to that. I took it in. I was very humbled and grateful for the opportunity to show that I’m a big part of the puzzle.”
The Celtics have been at the center of trade rumors since they began rebuilding but they have made few deals. As the rebuild has progressed, the roster has been upgraded and Ainge has been hesitant to break up the current core for the sake of making headlines or appeasing an impatient fan base. “Well, I don’t even pay attention to it,” Ainge said of rumors. “I mean I hear about it from you guys. I get calls sometimes from one of my kids, but I don’t pay attention. We have a good group of core young players that everybody in the league likes.”