David Blatt Rumors

Now that he’s been called the focal point of the offense multiple times by James and Blatt has indicated just as often they’re running more through him, Blatt conceded it was more difficult to bench him than it was last season. 11. “It was not a plan going in. It was a situational, game-time feel thing and again, Kevin gave us a heck of a game in the moments he played,” Blatt said. “We just played the lineup that helped us win. Is it going to be the same thing next time? Not necessarily. We’re just going to try to play to win games and not think about anything else.”
Whatever the reason, one thing’s become clear through these first 12 games: James is more of an ally for Blatt than perhaps at any point last season. “I think whenever you work with someone over a year, over time, you understand them,” said Tristan Thompson, comparing the relationship between James and Blatt from last season to know. “You know, the first year you might have times where one might not say something to the other, just because it’s new. You might hesitate sometimes, but as you get older, you build a relationship, build chemistry. The understanding is there.”