David Boies Rumors

With those dynamics in mind, the talks take the form of a legal settlement as opposed to a collective bargaining resolution — with many of the same participants still involved but some new faces, too. The players’ lead attorney in the antitrust action, David Boies, has teamed with former NBPA lead outside counsel Jim Quinn in an effort to push the deal across the finish line. Multiple people connected to the talks have told CBSSports.com that the discussions could move quickly towards a deal after the momentum gained in the past week from back-channel talks spearheaded by Quinn, who was a key figure in ending the 1998-99 lockout. But one person in frequent contact with ownership cautioned that it may take the entire weekend to find common ground, adding that there “could be some anxiety” in the room Friday.
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People want to know when this thing will be settled, and they are growing impatient. Boise again made the point about the league’s public statement, and I countered by saying that was merely posturing for public consumption. Sheridan: “That was spin. If you call Mishkin, you can talk turkey. Boies: “I don’t have that sense, but … (13 second pause) … I suppose it couldn’t hurt for me to call him. You know, I suppose it couldn’t hurt for me to call him. Ask me that Wednesday.
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