Dennis Lindsey Rumors

At Thursday’s season-ending press conference, general manager Dennis Lindsey revealed that the Jazz did come close to making a deal at the February trade deadline. “We had two particular deals proposed to us that we said yes to,” he said. “They were more short-term-oriented and I was willing to give up a first-round pick, multiple picks, a very significant salary slot because we had built that into the equation. “But for whatever reason, we weren’t able to consummate it. I’ve got to go through all those postmortems and see if there was something else that would have allowed us to augment the team where we knew it needed to be augmented.”
The Jazz did get Shelvin Mack in a trade that only cost the Jazz a second-round choice, and Lindsey said the Jazz “did fairly well” with that trade. “If there’s one criticism you could make, that’s fair, is that we err toward chemistry, continuity and continued development because we felt like the players and the coaching staff showed great progress,” Lindsey said. “But the opportunity cost of that is ‘was there a veteran that could have helped us stabilize?”