Doc Rivers Rumors

Leon Powe found that out the hard way during his second year playing for Rivers just when he thought he was getting in the coach’s good graces. “There was one lesson that really showed me how to do it,” the Celtics community consultant said before Boston took on Rivers and the Los Angeles Clippers Wednesday at TD Garden. “I messed up a play in practice, which I normally never did, but I messed up a play. And he got mad. I thought it was only one play out of so many. I didn’t take it that serious. But then I didn’t play the next four games. “So I said: ‘Man, what is going on? Doc, what is going on? What did I do?’ And he said: ‘Leon, I am trying to teach you about discipline. When we come here and run offense, I want to make sure you studied and you know the plays. Because when I put you in a situation in a game, we aren’t going to have time to go over it. I am really teaching you a lesson.”