Dominique Wilkins Rumors

Ferry saw Wilkins as a remnant of the past, and the idolization of the “Highlight Factory” in Atlanta was yet another instance where the Hawks’ futile history was being held up as a guide for the future. Levenson and Ferry weren’t fans of Wilkins’ work as an analyst on the Hawks’ local television broadcasts, either. Ferry wanted to provide Wilkins opportunities to improve, such as introducing him to a media consultant to work on his techniques and having the Hawks’ assistant coaches meet with him before games to offer context on game plans that could be explained to fans.
Q: What are your reflections about your time with the Hawks and your two years in the NBA? Pero Antic: Expect the unexpected! I would not talk about the results that we made, but more important than that are the people around and within the team. Everything starts with COACH BUD. He taught me so much about life, family, basketball and so many other things. I would miss him a lot. I’m so happy that I met a person like him in my life, that has accomplish so much in life and still he is down to earth. My teammates and the other coaching stuff that made it all easier for me – from my El Capitano Al Horford to the old man my mentor Elton Brand and Dominique Wilkins. People are great. The city is beautiful and the whole HAWKS organization was my family. We all built something great. Maybe the best chemistry in the league I wish them a lot of health and more happiness for the HAWKS and the city of ATLANTA. TRU TO ATLANTA.
Dominique Wilkins on the passing of Moses Malone: “I am extremely saddened to hear of Moses’ passing this morning. This is extremely tough for me. I am completely in shock and words can’t express the pain and loss I am feeling right now. We had a mutual respect when we played against each other and I was fortunate enough to have called him a teammate and close friend. Even before we played together, he was one of the first greats who truly mentored me and showed me how to be a professional. I never saw anyone work harder than Moses and away from basketball, he was just as kind and thoughtful. The entire Hawks organization sends its condolences to his family and friends.” You played on Dream Team II, do you feel like that team has been overlooked? Some critics have called the team arrogant or cocky. Dominique Wilkins: Look at that team, man. You tell me if you think they were overlooked. There are so many Hall of Famers on that team. If the arrogance comes from the attitude on winning, then I’ll buy that. As far as guys, that was a great group of guys. We had fun together, there wasn’t an arrogant guy on that team.