Donald Sterling Rumors

Ramona Shelburne: Donald Sterling’s lawyer Bobby Samini has asked for a full accounting. “We want to know where the money went. A billion is a lot of money”. Donald Sterling, essentially, has received nothing yet from the sale because he’s still suing the league & Shelly. Shelly Sterling controls the family trust, if u remember, because doctors declared him mentally unfit to control business & legal affairs. ESPN also reported back in April that Donald and Shelly still spend time together despite their separation
He was the target of some of Donald Sterling’s most racist and disgusting comments — but Magic Johnson says he’s forgiven the former Clippers owner … telling TMZ Sports, “I don’t keep grudges.” Not only did Sterling single Johnson out in his racist rant to V. Stiviano and order her not to be seen with Magic or any black people at Clipper games … but he went on to say he’s a terrible role model because he has HIV.
Los Angeles Clippers president and head coach Doc Rivers could be in charge of a very different team if the Donald Sterling regime hadn’t gotten in the way of making moves two years ago. At least that’s what he said in a radio apperance on Tuesday. “This is really only my third year but you can make a case this is our second year if you know what I’m saying,” Rivers told Beast 980’s Fred Roggin. “If I someday wrote a book and told you a couple of the trades we had in the first year that we didn’t do because of other reasons, you would fall off your chair.”
But in looking at how she spent this past year, it does seem that she’s been looking for a way forward while preserving the parts of the past she never wanted to let go. “It was very difficult for me to lose the team,” she says. “It was like my family. I’ve seen them [the Clippers] grow for 33 years. The coach [Rivers] used to be our player. And now to see his son [Austin Rivers] play, it’s like part of your family. “I never wanted to sell it, and we never would’ve sold it. But I didn’t want to see it being dismantled. I mean, maybe they wouldn’t even play for the whole year. I didn’t know what the league was going to do. The only thing I knew is that I had to keep the team from being dismantled.”