Euroleague Rumors

Fred Katz: Thought this quote from Russell Westbrook about how offenses in Europe “are 10 times better than NBA offense” was interesting: On second game defense, what he saw different “Just our awareness on what plays. I think one thing people don’t realize is guarding teams in Europe, their offenses are 10 times better than NBA offense just because they move around a lot. A lot of movement and not as much talent so they have to do different things to be able to score the basketball. I think it was a good experience for us to be able to go to Europe and be able to guard those offenses and some of the best teams. That’s always good for us.”
Green had previously played in Euroleague during 2013/2014 (with Montepaschi Siena), before getting his first NBA contract, with the Denver Nuggets. And he has no problem admitting to Eurohoops, that returning to the best league in the world, is among his top ambitions. “I think that my decision to join Olympiacos can skyrocket my career. I believe it will help me return to the NBA. I am a part of a great organization. I have excellent teammates, I will play in Euroleague, the second biggest league in the planet, and I’ll prove that I can do important things at the top level of basketball.”
Perhaps it’s a statement that also vindicates De Colo’s decision to sign a new, multi-year contract with the Russian powerhouse and not pursue a possible return to USA. “Well, I had already made my decision so it doesn’t matter. I really wanted to sign again with CSKA Moscow. I feel really great in the team right now. It was important to renew with them because I got all the responsibilities I want in the team. CSKA wants to go until the end every season, to win every single title there is. And this means a lot to me.”
“So far everything has exceeded my expectations. People talk a lot about Real Madrid, about how big the club really is, and I have seen that over the last weeks. I’m glad that I made the decision to move here.” When asked about the team’s magnitude, he answered: “In the United States everyone knows Real Madrid. When you hear that name you think of a winning team, with a lot of titles and great organization. They are comparable with NBA teams. So I didn’t’ have to do much explaining to people.”
2K and Euroleague Basketball announced today that NBA 2K17, the latest release in the award-winning basketball video game franchise by Visual Concepts, will feature 21 of Europe’s top teams, for the first time including all 16 competing Turkish Airlines EuroLeague teams from the upcoming season. The five additional teams come from the 7DAYS EuroCup. On the day of release, 16 September, fans of every team that competes in the 2016-17 EuroLeague can instantly enjoy the action as their favourite EuroLeague players prepare for the competition’s start on October 12.