Euroleague Rumors

The FIBA Europe Executive Committee which met in Munich, Germany on Saturday, 14 May, discussed the recent developments with regard to the European club competitions landscape. The Committee in particular considered the following matters: It reviewed the responses by 16 federations who, following the decision of the Board of FIBA Europe on 20 March, had either lost the right to participate in European senior men national team competitions or were cautioned about the possibility of forfeiting such right. All 16 federations have reacted in support of FIBA Europe’s decision and against the anti-competitive practices of Euroleague Commercial Assets (ECA).
Storyline: FIBA Changes
He continued saying: “FIBA Basketball does not govern basketball in a global scale, as does FIFA in football. NBA governs basketball. The situation is not good. The conflict arises because FIBA wants to do what we have already been doing. I told them: ‘You got us into chaos’. They offered a lot of money to the big clubs and they rejected them. And then FIBA decided to change their mind and make it about sports criteria. The clubs rejected them again. Subsequently, they began threats and warnings. The situations in this context is not comfortable. What I find objectionable is that they have stood between the national federations and the national teams. FIBA made the sport criteria as a flag, but now the results from the qualifying games do not matter because they have a conflict with Euroleague. If Real Madrid plays in Euroleague nothing happens. But if Valencia plays in Eurocup, then they will punish Spain. So is the Euroleague legal and Eurocup, which is organized by the same company, is illegal?”.