FIBA Rumors

The “schizsm” between the Euroleague and FIBA is official again with two rival leagues organized in the upcoming 2016-17 season. The official announcement is expected soon and more details about the teams which will be invited in the Champions League. The Russian federation was also present as a spectator of the meeting. Also the teams which will be competing in Euroleague and Eurocup and its members are facing the danger of being unsubscribed from any competitions under FIBA’s shield, including their domestic leagues.
Q: Is it possible that you could have worked out with the Spanish team and not played as much? Marc Gasol: I don’t know how to do things halfway. I really don’t know how to do that. When I commit to something, I fully commit. The competitive nature that I have will not allow me to do that. I decided not to be there. I went the first day of training camp to see (my Spanish teammates) and wish them luck, and have dinner with the guys. I didn’t go around after that. First of all, I was jealous. I understand how fortunate we are to play this game and to do the things that we do. To be able not to do it was tough. It wasn’t easy. Like I said, I knew coming in I’d be out of rhythm, especially with my shot. My timing was off and stuff like that.