Fines Rumors

After completing a two-month suspension for a drunken driving charge, Marshall University assistant coach Chris Duhon – a nine-year NBA veteran – insists he’s returned far more serious to the coaching craft and committed to living a less cluttered post-playing life. After having something you love taken away from you like this, you have to really sit back and be honest with yourself, and understand there are lifestyle changes that you need to make,” Duhon told The Vertical recently.
“I had recently retired and I wasn’t putting all my focus and energy into coaching,” Duhon told The Vertical. “I still had some ideas that maybe I would make another comeback, find another way to get back and play again. It is not always an easy transition out of your playing career, but that part of my life is done. It isn’t an easy transition, but I’m learning from what happened and I want to focus my energy on becoming a good coach.”