Flip Saunders Rumors

He impressed Wolves basketball boss Flip Saunders at both ends of the court with two pre-draft workouts and owner Glen Taylor with his polite manners and thoughtful answers during a visit with his father and agent to Minneapolis and the team’s new practice facility last weekend. That apparently finalized the team’s decision. The Wolves are the only team for which Towns worked out. “You know what, it’s almost like it’s fake, isn’t it?” Calipari asked. “It seems fake and it isn’t, I can tell you. I tell everybody: He’s one of the nicest kids, so intelligent, so smart. He is a real kind, nice soul and what you see is who he is, all the time.”
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Are you going to coach this team? Saunders: “Right now I’m coaching the team. It’s a question everybody asks. It’s interesting, when I ended up coaching a year ago, it was the right thing to do at that time for the organization. We had the unknowns with Kevin Love, we would have pigeonholed ourselves if we took a veteran coach and maybe not have the flexibility to go as young as we did. Right now, the most important thing is to develop our young talent. We have done a pretty good job with our staff and organization moving in that direction. Until I feel we can get somebody who can move forward a little bit, we’ll [stay] where we’re at.”
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Ok, it could be that there was nothing to publish and a journalist forged something but it could be some kind of interested leak from Minneapolis or any of the parts involved. Ricky Rubio: When a rumor pops up, not always, but normally there is something behind. Personally, what I know is that neither me or my agents have done it. I doubt that the franchise would like to leak this because they always have instilled me a lot of confidence. Talking to Flip Saunders, he would said it to me. I think we have a very good relationship, very good feeling and we have never talked anything about that.
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“When I took the job, I said we were coming here to build a championship team, and what we’re going to do is we want home run hitters and not singles and doubles [hitters],” Saunders said. “What I meant by that is you have to have potentially All-Star, All-Pro players. I see a lot of guys in this draft who can be that. “Because of the youth of our team and having two 19-year-olds from last year, we’re not going to mortgage our future to facilitate that development. Right now Wiggins is that development. LaVine is that development. [Shabazz] Muhammad and Gorgui Dieng, too, so I would never say never but I don’t see us trading [the No. 1 pick] because all these guys we’re going to have an opportunity to look at, three or four of these guys are going to be All-Star, All-Pro-type players. Those are guys you don’t want to give up on.”
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