Floyd Mayweather Rumors

According to ESPN.com, Mayweather offered advice to Fredette from his seat. “He just kept telling me to shoot it,” Fredette said. “And I was like, ‘All right, I’ll shoot it.’” Knicks assistant Rasheed Hazzard watched the contest along with power forward Kyle O’Quinn. “It was good [Fredette] was in New Orleans to see where he’s at,’’ Westchester general manager Allan Houston told MSG Network. “We’ll continue to push him to improve. He’s still 26 and still young.’’
Floyd Mayweather: “Floyd just thinks differently. He thinks outside the box. He always tells me, ‘Don’t let them dictate how you think.’ Think like you’re the greatest. He always tells me, ‘You’re 5-9. You shouldn’t be in the NBA. You’re definitely one of the greatest players in the world. So believe that, work hard, and understand that.’ He never wants you to fit into one particular box. He just wants you to think outside the box.”