France Rumors

NBPA: With your new contract, do you have any new ideas off the court? Nicolas Batum: I still can’t believe my new contract. I built a house in Charlotte. And I’ve always done a great job of taking care of my money in my first deal. I’ve been thinking about a project, but I don’t know yet. I want to take care of my money and find a good project—business, a basketball team, do things in Africa, do things in France, stuff like that. I want to try to do a lot of things to help the community. NBPA: What kind of basketball team? NB: A pro basketball team. Maybe ownership in France. I’m thinking about it.
1 month ago via NBPA
This statement, which was directed to migrants, spawned much controversy in France, and not only. It didn’t come out of nowhere though since Sarkozy hopes to be a presidential candidate for the 2017 elections. It’s not hard to understand why the San Antonio Spurs superstar reacted the way he did when hearing these words. “It made me laugh more than anything else. Well, I was born in Belgium from a Dutch mother and an American father. So I am the perfect example of the fact that French may come from anywhere,” he commented for the French RTL Radio.
Parker has also big plans about Asvel Villeurbanne, the French club which owns and is president. “I’d love to play four or five years in the NBA to make it to 20 seasons. After that I have already prepared my new role as full time president of ASVEL. I want to develop its academies, new players. This is also an important part of being an athlete, to think about the future.”
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