Frank Vogel Rumors

In the midst of discussing the teams’ recent addition, Texas center Myles Turner via the 2015 NBA Draft, Pacers coach Frank Vogel provided an update on the face of the Indiana Pacers, Paul George. “His calf is healed,” Vogel said. “His leg is healed. He’s claiming to be 100 percent. He looks really good, and I’m just saying if you talk to him. If you watch him in half-court workouts right now, the amount that he was favoring (the calf) at the end of the year, which was noticeable and expected, he’s not favoring it right now. He looks really good. He’s in L.A. right now but he’s been back as recently as this past week,” Vogel continued. “He’s looked really good in individual workouts. Obviously, training camp and two-a-days — that’ s a different story. He still has a long way to go. He’s looking really good right now.”
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When asked about Hibbert’s reaction to comments made by Bird and Vogel, Hibbert’s agent, David Falk, replied with an e-mail to The Indianapolis Star: “We will respond at the appropriate time.” Falk suggested his client would take his time to choose to opt-in for the final year of his contract. “We will decide that in late June,” Falk wrote in an e-mail. If Hibbert decides to stick with the Pacers, he will get paid more than $15 million for the 2015-16 season. That number provides plenty of reasons to weather any ignominy as a backup center. However, the Pacers have been turning away from Hibbert for a while now.
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After a light practice Thursday afternoon, Pacers coach Frank Vogel addressed Copeland’s apology. “I agree with him that it was a bad choice. We don’t condone our players being out that late,” Vogel said. “We treat our players with respect and trust them to make smart decisions for the franchise and for themselves. Obviously, being out that late puts him in position to be in harm’s way. It puts him at risk. Certainly, our organization doesn’t condone our guys being out that late. It could’ve been worse. Thankfully, he’s alright.”
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