Fred Hoiberg Rumors

“He’s still in the hospital,” Hoiberg said. “He developed a hematoma, which is a collection of blood, that he had to go back in and have a second surgery to remove. He’s on a liquid diet right now. He’s in quite a bit of pain, but his spirits are OK. Hopefully he’ll get out of the hospital soon and just get him back. As far as a timetable for Niko to get back on the floor, we just don’t know yet. But he had the complication, got it fixed. Hopefully we’ll get him back soon.”
Storyline: Nikola Mirotic Injury
Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg knows that trade rumors have been out there, circulating around his team, but one day after insisting that all was quiet on the trade front, he also didn’t feel the need to discuss it with his players. “I think the thing with this team is we’ve got so many veterans with this group,’’ Hoiberg said. “They understand this business, they understand all the rumors that are being thrown out there, especially in today’s social-media age. “There’s so many things again that are started by 14-year-old kids that somebody picks up and throws out there to see if it sticks. Our guys know that, they get that.’’
Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg said he has noticed gradual improvement in Rose. Players such as Butler and Pau Gasol have lessened the offensive load on Rose, so expectations have dipped. “He’s gotten himself in better shape,” Hoiberg said. “I think his push has progressively gotten better, his numbers have gone up month by month. I think the biggest thing for him, watching him play, is he’s getting comfortable out there. I thought the [Warriors game Jan. 20], even though we got it handed to us, I thought Derrick was phenomenal, especially early. We had the lead when he went out of the game and it went downhill from there. “But I thought he guarded, he was battling [Stephen] Curry, and offensively he was in attack mode the whole game. That’s what we need. When Derrick has that kind of attack and push, we have a chance for a good second half [of the season].”
Chicago Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg was disappointed to hear that the Cleveland Cavaliers have fired coach David Blatt. Hoiberg, the former coach at Iowa State, said he was recruiting last season in Cleveland and ended up catching some of the Cavs’ training camp and speaking to Blatt about his coaching style. “Such a good man,” Hoiberg said. “Last year at Iowa State he welcomed me to his training camp and went there, sat in his office, talked to me, gave me film on a bunch of stuff. Just a really good person. I think [he’s] a hell of a basketball coach. It’s a tough day. He was great to me when I got into this league. It’s tough news.”