Fred Hoiberg Rumors

Me: What is different about the offense that will benefit the personnel you have? Jimmy Butler: Spacing. I think offense is a lot about spacing. Last year, at times, our spacing was terrible. We might get a basket out of it, just because we’ve got really good players. Now, with the spacing we have, there’s going to be more driving gaps for people that drive the ball good. It’s all about that spacing. It’s going to make things easier for everybody. And, you’re going to know where everybody’s going to be on the floor. When you drive baseline, you know there’s going to be a guy over there in the drift spot. You know there’s going to be a guy over there in the slot. So if everybody pays attention and gets to the right spot, it’s almost like you can pass the ball without even looking.
Those days appear to be over for the Bulls. Hoiberg’s practices are noticeably different in several ways. First and foremost, at least in the past few days, they have been shorter. Wednesday’s practice was about 90 minutes, and Thursday’s practice was a little over an hour. That’s a stark difference from the two-hour practices Thibodeau conducted over the years, especially in the earlier days of camp. The Bulls have also scrimmaged a lot during the first few days, something Thibodeau didn’t like to do a lot during the season. We’ll see if this is a trend Hoiberg continues throughout the regular season.