George Karl Rumors

The Yahoo story, of course, made it clear that Calipari hadn’t been offered a job, so it was an easy thing for him to deny. By saying for the umpteenth time that he will be staying in Lexington, Calipari successfully squelched his latest NBA flirtation — but did nothing for the dumpster fire that is the Kings. While Ranadive, the owner, has dispatched lawyers to peruse coach George Karl’s coaching contract for ways to fire him for cause, league sources told, it’s viewed in the coaching industry as a long shot at best.
Meanwhile, Vlade Divac, the Kings’ vice president of basketball and franchise operations, told ESPN’s Marc Stein on Tuesday that a Yahoo! Sports report about Calipari’s interest in coaching and running the Kings’ front office is “absolutely not true.” Said Divac: “The only person in our organization who [handles] something like this is me, and I’ve had zero conversations with John Calipari. We have a coach here.”
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John Calipari to Sacramento?

The Sacramento Kings are probing University of Kentucky coach John Calipari about his interest in taking over the franchise’s front-office and coaching jobs, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Calipari has been communicating with owner Vivek Ranadive and other members of the Kings’ ownership group in recent weeks, league sources said. Calipari has listened to scenarios with which the Kings could offer him complete control of the franchise’s fledgling basketball operations to go along with coaching, league sources said.
This rumor is part of a storyline: 5 more rumors
In recent weeks, Sacramento ownership’s intrigue with Calipari has only grown with the dissolution of the relationship between All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins and coach George Karl, sources said. Calipari coached Cousins at Kentucky for a season in 2009-10, and Ranadive believes Calipari could help serve as a mechanism to convince Cousins to back away from his desire to be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, sources said. As much as anything, Calipari represents one more potential change of direction, as well as a public-relations splash for Ranadive.
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Sacramento ownership, dismayed over Karl’s fractured relationship with Cousins, has had lawyers studying Karl’s contract, trying to determine if there’s a way to terminate him for “cause,” and free themselves of the three years and nearly $10 million left guaranteed on his deal, league sources told Yahoo Sports. If the Kings cannot convince Calipari to come to Sacramento – or never make a formal offer – Karl could simply remain as coach. Sacramento’s case on trying to get out of paying Karl his contract would be based in part on his involvement in mounting a campaign to get Cousins traded, sources said. The possibility of getting Karl ousted without pay is remote.

Ty Lawson to Sacramento?

The Denver Nuggets were rumored to have put Ty Lawson on the trading block and after they selected Emmanuel Mudiay with the No. 7 pick, it looked his time in Denver was coming to an end. Apparently even Lawson believes this, as he was caught on camera saying, “‘I’m going to Sacramento.” Either Lawson knows something that we don’t or he is under the influence of whatever he is smoking. However, if he reunites with Kings coach George Karl in Sacramento then Lawson may be able to see into the future.
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