George Karl Rumors

George Karl publicly wanted to trade DeMarcus Cousins, the snake in the grass episode happened, then they met, and now Karl is wearing his star player’s jersey at a charity appearance. Can we glean anything from this information? Probably not. There were fresh trade rumors as recently as this past week. We’ll just have to keep following the odd couple’s every development.
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Asked how he sold Rondo on Sacramento after Rondo’s bad experience last season with Dallas coach Rick Carlisle, Karl said: “I just sold him on how I like to let my guys have freedom. I talked to him once before he signed and it’s going to be fun coaching him. I think he wants to lead our team but he also wants to be part of the decision-making, and that can be somewhat combustible but it can also work at a high level because I think we’re all trying to make the team the best.”
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