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If the Rockets add two rookies to next season’s roster (they also have the second pick of the second round), they could have as many as six first- or second-year players. KJ McDaniels will be a free agent, but the Rockets hope to sign him. The Rockets do want to bring back Kostas Papanikolaou, but Rockets vice president Gersson Rosas said “a decision has not been made” about whether to exercise their option on the second year of his contract or to try to sign him again as a free agent. But Morey said he would not hesitate to add two more first-year players, even if the Rockets keep all of last season’s rookies. “We’re not worried about how many young players we have,” Morey said. “I think it’s good to have a mix of veterans and young players.”
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Cuban offered little insight about general manager Gersson Rosas’ abrupt departure on the eve of the season, after just three months on the job. When the hiring was announced, Cuban said he felt it was important to add a voice to the front office. To hear Cuban on Wednesday, however, it seems Rosas was here on a trial basis. “He kind of had the opportunity to stay 90 days, see what happened,” Cuban said. “He made his choice. I wish him the best. He’s a good guy.”
On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Tuesday night, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban acknowledged that he and general manager Gersson Rosas decided to part ways. Rosas was hired Aug. 1 to be the Mavs’ general manager, but turned in his resignation Tuesday. “We parted ways,” Cuban told Leno. “The guys’ name is Gersson Rosas — a great guy — and it just didn’t work out. “Sometimes things don’t work out.” When Leno asked Cuban why Rosas left on the opening day of the NBA season, Cuban said: “It just happened to work out that way. But he’s a great guy, I wish him the best and we move on.”
Donnie Nelson, the president of basketball operations for the Dallas Mavericks, just cleared the air a bit on the departure of general manager Gersson Rosas. Well, Nelson sort of cleared the air. On an appearance on WFAA-TV, Channel 8 during the 6 p.m. newscast, sports anchor Dale Hansen asked Nelson if it’s true Rosas wanted to call all the basketball shots instead of working with Nelson. “I’m really not at liberty to comment, unfortunately,” Nelson told Hansen. “But I will say that it’s an unfortunate situation and we wish him nothing but the best.”
Sources briefed on the situation told that the abrupt parting was triggered by the fact that Rosas — hired by the Mavericks to work in support of longtime president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson — wanted to be “in charge” of basketball operations. Concerns about how Rosas would fit into the Mavericks’ front-office structure in a supplementary role to Nelson, sources said, surfaced almost immediately after Rosas’ arrival in late July. The intent when the Mavericks hired Rosas late in free agency was to inject a new voice and fresh ideas in terms of scouting, analytics and recruitment to a front-office team spearheaded by Nelson and longtime Mavericks executive Keith Grant, whose association with the franchise dates to Dallas’ inaugural NBA season in 1980-81.
Don’t look for Jackie Carmichael to be in the Dallas Mavericks’ training camp next week. Not that the Mavs don’t like the 6-9, 240-pound undrafted rookie free agent power forward from Illinois State. Carmichael starred on the Mavs’ summer league team in Las Vegas this past July, as the Mavs were thrilled with his physical, attacking style of play. But one thing happened to Carmichael and the Mavs en route to the negotiating table. “Unfortunately, I think financially he was looking for a good opportunity overseas,” new Mavs general manager Gersson Rosas said Tuesday. “So that’s why we couldn’t get him here, but we tried. “We talked to his agent and unfortunately he had some good opportunities (overseas). But he’s a great kid.”
He said he is happy for Gersson Rosas, Sam Hinkie and Arturas Karnisovas, who have left or will leave the Rockets and their positions as Morey’s top personnel assistants for greater positions around the NBA. All had earned their new positions, Morey said. He just would not view their success as a measure of his. “I don’t feel we accomplished much, yet,” Morey said. “I’ll take more pride when we’ve actually had more results than before. “It’s a results league. It should be. Everyone, including ourselves, will be looking at what should be a step forward this year in hopefully a big way. … I’m trying to make sure we actually have some results before we get too excited.”
An exuberant Cuban said Rosas, 35, will provide day-to-day organization and management to the front office as the owner seeks to “push the envelope” in new technology areas, including an expansion of traditional analytics to what Cuban termed “bio-analytics.” Cuban said that means exploration into areas such as “genetic testing to blood analysis and performance technology,” apparently in an effort to better evaluate players. “If you want to keep pushing the envelope in new technology areas to give us an edge, you’ve got to hire somebody who has experience in managing those kinds of things,” Cuban said. “We really needed somebody with stronger organizational and management skills.”
Gersson Rosas, who was a finalist to become the next assistant general manager of the San Antonio Spurs, has been elevated by the Houston Rockets to executive vice president of basketball operations. For the past three years Rosas, who is heading into his ninth season with the Rockets, has been the club’s vice president player personnel. “It’s exciting,” Rosas said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports. “Being a local guy here in Houston and having come up the ranks, (owner) Leslie Alexander and (general manager) Daryl (Morey) have been very gracious to me, giving me an opportunity to grow within this organization.