Gigi Datome Rumors

Midseason additions such as Jae Crowder, Jonas Jerebko and Luigi Datome, along with veteran forward Brandon Bass, will be on the short list of Celtics hitting the free agent market. Ainge did not dismiss the possibility of bringing back any of them next season. “Rather than going individual by individual,” Ainge said when asked about his interest in the free agents, “I would just say that we like all of them to some degree. Some of it’s going to be dependent on numbers and roster spots and draft and trades and everything else. So you just can’t emphatically say anything about anybody, other than I can emphatically say that we will definitely qualify Jae Crowder, which I think is pretty obvious. But other than that, the unrestricted free agents, it’s uncertain. But we do like each one of them and would welcome any one of them back at the right price and in the right role.”
In July 2013 I had the target to show that I belong to this level. It has been 2 long and mostly hard years, but I’m satisfied and proud for how I took advantage of the opportunities they gave me. I didn’t do anything who’ll change NBA’s history, but I know the effort I put in it and I’m proud of myself. This summer I will be a free agent. I’ll try like always to do the best choice for my career, valuing every propose with huge attention, from everywhere it comes from. In the while, as you can see from the beautiful drawing of Mauro Mazzara, I’ll go through the ocean one more time heading Sardinia(my island). Like a Celtic, with my national team jersey underarm. It will be another summer(the 15th) of work with big targets. Always with the smile on my face, until I will have a basketball to let fly in the air.
Today with a cool head I want to write some thoughts about the former season, my 12th as a pro, which ended yesterday. I began it with big determination fighting for a spot in Detroit, with no results. I went to the gym EACH and EVERY day to prepare myself to be the most ready as possible when the holy occasion would have came. It needed months of patience and a trade, which involved one of my favorite players(I have Prince’s Kentucky jersey at home). I want to thank Boston and the Celtics for the last 2 months spent together. The management who made the trade happen. The players who welcomed me since the really beginning. The coaching, conditioning, strength and physiotherapist staff who helped me in fitting in and getting me better. All the people who work at the facility, at the Garden and in the organization who allowed us the do our job at the best. Our fans, from literally all over the world, who hit me on social medias and those from Boston who showed me huge love in the city and specially at the arena. I will never forget the garden chanting my name!