Greece Rumors

The “Antetokounbros” gave a show in front of the Venetian castle in Heraklion, during the first out of the three events that will take place during their small tour in Greece! Eurohoops co-organized the whole event, along with the region of Crete and the municipality of Heraklion. Hence, we give you a good taste, through pictures and videos, of what transpired in this fantastic basketball party.
The crowd packed the harbor of Heraklion for the event. When they were asked why do they believe that people loves them so much, Giannis and Thanasis answered: “We are guys who used to have a hard life. We are authentic. Our family has strong bonds and we love each other very much. That’s what people likes about us because they understand that it is authentic”. In the end, they commented about the even: “We are very happy. We had such a good time in Crete. We will be coming in Crete during the upcoming years, that’s for sure. Today’s event was just the beginning. Greater things are ahead in the two upcoming events, as well as in the following years”.
Do you believe that what happens in summer is going to of critical importance? Many people who are interested in you, believe that playing in Europe will bring you closer to the target of getting a contract in the NBA exactly as you dream of it. “Of course it is going to be an important summer. I just think that there won’t be a D-League dilemma. I always think that I have to work hard to reach the point where I play the best basketball I can. Many think that when you play in the D-League you don’t get better. That’s not true. I played there during my first season here and then I was drafted. In my second year i signed the contract with the Knicks. It didn’t matter that it was not a guaranteed one. They gave me the opportunity to be with them during the preparation period and participate in their camp. During the third year, I finally managed to actually play in the NBA! That’s my goal, to make steps each year in order to become better and not remain stagnant. Unfortunately, the latter is what happens to many other players. I am improving and I want to be evolved both basketball-wise and mental-wise. I wish I will play in the national team this summer. That’s a big target. Then we will see if I have a position in the NBA”.