Gregg Popovich Rumors

Popovich did a rare 25-minute interview with former NBA player Tom Tolbert of KNBR, and Pop talked openly about the evolution of the game (hat tip to Uproxx for the transcription). “You pay the price if you don’t make threes, and you pay the price if you don’t get those threes off. One way that big guys are gonna still be valuable is if you have a big guy that demands a double-team. If you have a big guy that you don’t have to double-team? You’re in trouble. But if you got a big guy, he better be somebody who is good enough that he commands a double so it can get kicked, and moved, and you can penetrate or pitch for the threes.
So, you started your career with the Spurs, which is an incredible organization to start with. What was your first introduction with Pop like? What was that first interactive experience because I feel like that could be incredibly intimidating. Cory Joseph: There was no interaction. He didn’t talk to me for a year (smiles). DB: That’s amazing. Cory Joseph: My first interaction after that…after a year…was…it was good. He was pretty welcoming after that.
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Gregg Popovich will coach the home team, while brothers Pau and Marc Gasol will play for the World Team in the NBA’s first game in Africa. Popovich, the five-time champion from the San Antonio Spurs, will guide Team Africa in the Aug. 1 game in Johannesburg, the league announced Thursday. He will be assisted on the bench by Atlanta’s Mike Budenholzer, the NBA Coach of the Year and his former assistant with the Spurs, and Oklahoma City assistant Monty Williams. The World Team will be coached by Brooklyn’s Lionel Hollins, with Boston’s Brad Stevens as an assistant. Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers will serve as captain for the team of: Pau Gasol (Bulls), Marc Gasol and Jeff Green (Memphis), Bradley Beal (Washington), Kenneth Faried (Denver), Marcus Smart and Evan Turner (Boston) and Nikola Vucevic (Orlando).
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