Gregg Popovich Rumors

“In a sharp departure from past practice, the NBA fined Budenholzer instead of imposing a suspension,” the refs union said in a statement. Added NBRA general counsel Lee Seham in a statement, “Recent league precedent dictated a coach who aggressively charged onto the floor … and physically interfered with a referee would be suspended. We are now operating at a lower level with less transparency, degraded safety and diminished respect for the game. Coaches should compete by creating better teams, not by physically intimidating officials.” Popovich responded to those statements by saying, “I think it’s just a case of an anonymous suit trying to gain 15 minutes of stardom more than anything. It’s comical … A lot of people trying to get famous on Twitter. And I guess this particular suit is one of them.”
Asked what specifically he would like to draw from Popovich’s coaching style, Malone’s answer offered a window into how the longtime Spurs boss approaches his job. Here’s Malone: “He told me this when I got the job in Sacramento: Be true to yourself. People always think in the NBA that you can’t coach guys and you can’t get on guys. Obviously, there’s plenty of examples of Pop getting on his guys. Go back to Tony Parker’s rookie year. Nothing was easy (for Parker). But as he told me, be yourself, get on guys, coach them, but also let them know you love them and you care about them. And they’ll be willing to accept that tough coaching. If it’s just tough coaching all the time, and there’s no love behind it, the players will turn you off eventually.