Gregg Popovich Rumors

San Antonio assistant Jim Boylen has accepted an associate head coaching job with the Chicago Bulls, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg had targeted Boylen to coordinate his defensive coverages and use his strong NBA bench experience to facilitate Hoiberg’s leap to the pro sidelines from Iowa State. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich wanted to keep Boylen on his staff, but ultimately understood the financial opportunity and promotion that the Bulls were offering, sources said. Hoiberg and Boylen met recently, and Boylen had been weighing an offer for several days, sources said.
Robert Horry: Here are a few things I think: Brent Barry was one of the smartest players I ever played with in the NBA. Rudy Tomjanovich was the best coach I ever had, not Phil Jackson or Gregg Popovich. Kobe Bryant was the hardest working player I ever played with. The Triangle is just a fancy name for the same plays that 50 percent of the NBA runs. Dennis Rodman was a genius. Basketball is a ruthless business. Winners don’t take no shit.
In dismantling the two-time champion Miami Heat in last year’s NBA Finals, the San Antonio Spurs fired up more 3-pointers (23.6 per game) than any championship team in league history and averaged more 3s than even the most 3-happy Phoenix Suns squad in the “Seven Seconds Or Less” era. But Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is hardly proud of it. “I can’t be stubborn,” he explains, “just because I personally don’t like it and think it mucks up the game.”