Harlem Globetrotters Rumors

The phone call came in mid-July. It was brief, vague and final: The Harlem Globetrotters are moving on without the Washington Generals. There was no negotiation, no specifics, no explanations. John and Jody Ferrari had not seen it coming. But, as they say, do you ever see it coming? For 62 years, the Globetrotters played basketball night after night against Red Klotz’s Washington Generals. Yes, occasionally Klotz would choose a different name in order to provide variety — the New Jersey Reds, the Boston Shamrocks, the Atlantic City Seagulls, the Baltimore Rockets, the Chicago Demons. But it was the Generals that stuck in the mind. It was the Generals who still register. Do a quick search of the news:
Ferrari says the emotions of the last Generals game were confusing. “Maybe it just hasn’t sunk in yet,” he says. The one thing that he would remember thinking was that he wanted the Generals, in their final game, to play the way Red Klotz always wanted them to play — hard and together. He wanted them to sell the comedy bits. He wanted them to play tough defense when the basketball was real. As strange as it might sound to some, he wanted them to live up to the Washington Generals name. “After we got the call from the Globetrotters,” Ferrari says, “I remember that the most significant thought was, ‘We have an obligation to fulfill our responsibility here.’ I guess it’s a bit of an unusual situation, when you know you’re at the end. But we still wanted to play to the best of our ability. That’s the way Red was. That’s the way Jody is. That’s the way I am.”
During an exhibition game in Honduras, Trotter forward William “Bull” Bullard attempted to go up for a slam dunk while holding on to the rim with his legs up on the backboard — the problem was, the whole board support came down with him, leaving Bullard with a nasty gash on his forehead, and shattered glass everywhere. The good news, despite being laid out on the court for a while, he narrowly avoided a more serious injury. He even came back out to the court to give the fans in attendance a “thumbs up” after getting a bandage. Watch the video below: