Ice Cube Rumors

During a King of the Mics performance at the Greek Theatre, Cube summed up his reaction with the pithy and eloquent statement, “F- -k Dwight Howard,” as the assorted throngs screamed their agreement. Cube continued in the high brow fashion that is his trademark: We don’t need no punk a- – motherf- -kers on our team. We don’t give a f- -k about Dwight Coward. We don’t need no bitches on our team, homie. He don’t deserve to be up on that goddamn wall. So I predict tonight Kobe will win another championship before Dwight Howard even sniffs one.” Just listen to how amped Cube’s ad-libbing makes the assembled LA crowd.
3 years ago via Dime
Kobe Bryant is right … Atlanta Hawks player Dahntay Jones is a dirty cheater who knew what he was doing when he hurt the Black Mamba on the court last week … at least according to Lakers superfan Ice Cube. Cube — decked out in Lakers gear — was at LAX this weekend when we asked the rap legend about Kobe’s claim that Jones cheap-shotted him during a fadeaway jumper last week … causing Bryant to injure his ankle. “It’s kinda whack when you gotta cheat to win,” Cube said … saying, “But [Kobe’s] a champ, he’ll come back. That ankle will be strong.”
Rapper/Actor Ice Cube shares his comments towards Lebron Jame’s decision to join the Heat. The veteran west coast rapper Ice Cube recently blogged his feelings about Lebron James joining Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in South beach. “Kurupt is one of my favorite MC’s. He’s got complicated metaphors that are still gangsta, 15 minutes after he left the room in came Snoop. We talked about the Lakers kickin’ the Celtics a** in the Finals. We laughed about LeBron joining The Heat. It won’t work, Lakers are still the team to beat.”