Jack Sikma Rumors

So much has changed since the Sonics won the city’s only major pro title — the Seattle Storm won two WNBA championships and soccer’s Sounders won as well — way back in 1979. It was so long ago that the Sonics have since moved away, to Oklahoma City in a disappearance Sikma still calls disturbing. “There was an even more personal connection with fans back then,” Sikma said. “I knew most all the season-ticket holders in the front row. You could pretty much walk out after games and it was bedlam as far as autograph seekers and talking to kids. That personalized it. The media attention has changed, the world has changed. It was pretty special the connection with the city we had back then.”
How far away do you think you are from getting an opportunity to be a head coach? Shawn Respert: You know what? Not far away. I don’t think any young coach could ask for a better coaching staff that I came into. All of them are former NBA players: Adelman, Terry Porter, TR Dunn, Jack Sikma and then in Houston we had Elston Turner. All I had to do was just sit back and keep my mouth shut, listen and learn. After almost six years of working with a staff like that in the NBA, I’m sure I’m ready for a head coaching job for a college level or maybe a D-League opportunity. The NBA? Let’s say maybe five years. Then I’ll be ready to do something in the NBA and lead a team.
It isn’t unprecedented for a player of Stoudemire’s caliber to move to the three-point line. Jack Sikma—a seven time All-Star who, like Stoudemire, is 6-foot-11—underwent such a transformation at 32 while playing for Milwaukee. Threes accounted for 26% of Sikma’s attempts in 1988, a huge increase from 1987, when they made up just 1.3% of his attempts. He went on to shoot a team-best 38% from behind the arc in 1988, better than the league average of 32.3%. “If you can knock down a 20-footer for two [points], why not step back to 23 feet and get three?” said Sikma, now a Minnesota Timberwolves assistant coach. “As a big man, you can do some serious damage as far as mismatches and spacing if you show you can shoot from that far out.”