JB Bickerstaff Rumors

After several days of practices veteran guard Jason Terry described as “a mini training camp” Rockets interim coach J.B. Bickerstaff said his players received the structure and discipline they wanted when he took over. “Our attitude has changed over the past week and a half,” Bickerstaff said. “We’ve taken a more serious approach in what we’re doing. Guys are more disciplined in what we’re doing and they were hungry for that. As a group, we brought them together. That was the first thing they were calling for, some more discipline, more structure and more rules.”
“I thought we were going to turn it around together, Mac and the staff,” Bickerstaff told Yahoo Sports. He’s been fiercely loyal to McHale, the way McHale’s has been to him. Bernie taught J.B. the value of loyalty because that’s what he had always been in the league. McHale gave J.B. a job with the Rockets four and half years ago, along with promotions and raises, and bigger and bigger responsibilities. McHale never stopped telling people that the younger Bickerstaff deserved a chance to be a head coach in the NBA. “He did everything in his power to protect me, to protect my family,” Bickerstaff told Yahoo Sports. “He went out on a limb to support me.”
Bickerstaff knows how it goes for young coaches – never mind young African-American ones. Assistants traditionally get bad teams, with bad odds for staying power. “Let’s face it,” Bickerstaff told Yahoo, “first-time assistant coaches normally don’t walk into jobs with two perennial All-Stars on a team that just got bounced in the Western finals. Normally, they get a job in the middle of a year, playing for lottery balls. I’m fortunate, very fortunate. You don’t win without talent, but your talent has to have purpose.”
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