Jerry Sloan Rumors

One of the things I am most proud about from the years as president of the PBWA is that the executive and I helped institute the Rudy Tomjanovich Award to the coach who best combines excellence in his craft with co-operation with the media, the award Dwane’s up for this year. Well, to right what we all felt was a terrible wrong – that Sloan had never been the coach of the year – we made a decision that that he would be the first winner and that it would be an unanimous decision. It was my pleasure to call Sloan and tell him; I got him, I think, at his farm in Illinois that summer and it was an honour to give him the news. He says, and I think this is verbatim: “I don’t know why the hell you’re doing this but thank you, I’m honoured.”
You officiated during the golden era of NBA basketball from Bird and Magic to Michael to now. What was that like when you sit back and think about it? Crawford: Kareem, [Hakeem] Olajuwon, Karl Malone [too] … everybody always forgets all these guys. I am very lucky, but I really didn’t appreciate them because I was reffing. When you are reffing, if you are doing your job you are trying to get them to adhere to the rules and it is hard some nights. I appreciated their competitiveness, but I didn’t appreciate those great, great moments. I appreciated [former Jazz coach] Jerry Sloan calling me a no-good … that used to be funny as hell. I used to tell a young referee, if you hit Jerry with a T, he would immediately call you a no-good m—–f—– … so I said when you call the first one, just get away from him because you are going to have to throw him [out otherwise].