Jerry Sloan Rumors

Of course, so did the opportunity to play for Sloan to start his career. Williams regrets how that relationship ended, staining his reputation for the rest of his career. “Sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me,” Williams said. “You know, some of those days, I wish I could have controlled them, but I was young, hot-headed and just wanted to win. I’m a lot more mellow now, I think sometimes to a fault. The situation in Utah and how the media reacted kind of took my passion away, my fire away a little bit, because it’s like I couldn’t be who I was. I got into it with Coach [Sloan] maybe a couple of times. I’ve seen him get into it with a lot of guys a lot worse, but it happened that he decided to step down after one of our arguments. So of course, it’s my fault. It’s just something that you’ve got to live with, you have to take.”
After 39 years as an NBA referee, Bavetta announced this week he’ll be retiring at age 74. Jazz fans will need to find someone else to upbraid. But they’ll never forget him. He’s the referee that waved off Jazz guard Howard Eisley’s 3-point basket in Game 6 of the NBA Finals against Chicago, ruling it was after the shot clock had expired. He later allowed Bulls’ guard Ron Harper’s 2-point basket to count, though that time the shot clock had expired in the fourth quarter of a tie game. Bavetta was also on the court when Michael Jordan bumped Bryon Russell before scoring the game-winning basket. Conspiracy wonks have been analyzing it ever since. So naturally you would think Jerry Sloan would be doing cartwheels. His officiating nemesis is history. “I thought he was a good ref,” the former Jazz coach said this week. “Anybody who can stay with something that long has to be good at what they do; those guys are hard to come by. He stood the test of time; it’s not an easy job.”