Jim Gray Rumors

The Lakers beat the Kings last night behind 23 points and 18 rebounds from Dwight Howard and 18 points and five rebounds from Ron Artest. After the game, Jim Gray spoke with Artest about DeMarcus Cousins. Since Artest has had his fair share of “issues,” he offered advice to Cousins to deal with his issues. I don’t think he actually gave any sort of advice that anyone could really use, but at the end, he asked Jim Gray to go pop some bottles and party in Sacramento.
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Shaquille O’Neal: Just before the start of the ’03-’04 season the coaching staff called us in and said, “No more public sparring or you’ll get fined.” Everyone knew it was simmering, but Mitch [Kupchak] never came down. Magic Johnson, who was around all the time, never said anything. But Phil was tired of it. Karl Malone and Gary Payton were sick of it. I said, “All right, I hear you. I’m done.” So what happens? Immediately after that Kobe runs right out to Jim Gray and does this interview where he lets me have it. He said I was fat and out of shape. He said I was milking my toe injury for more time off, and the injury wasn’t even that serious. (Yeah, right. It only ended my damn career.) He said I was “lobbying for a contract extension when we have two Hall of Famers playing pretty much for free.” I’m sitting there watching this interview and I’m gonna explode. Hours earlier we had just promised our coach we’d stop. It was a truce broken. I let the guys know, “I’m going to kill him.”
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Jim Gray on what rumor bothers him the most: “That I was paid by LeBron. That’s just ridiculous and that’s just insanity for someone to totally fabricate and for it to become a life of its own that LeBron James would pay an interviewer to interview him. That damages journalistic credibility to say the subject interviewing you is paying you like you’re in their pocket, well that couldn’t be further from the truth.” Whether or not he would do the show all over again: “Would I do the show again? (Host: Yeah.) Yes. We’d all make it better.”
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