Joe Lacob Rumors

To become the first sports team to win the ENCORE Award, given annually since 1977, the Warriors beat out some of the Bay Area’s most profitable tech companies. Past winners include Netflix, Tesla Motors, LinkedIn, Twitter and Amazon. “The truth is, we’re not really a basketball team,” Lacob said of the Warriors. “In this day and age, we’re much more than that. We’re a sports, media and technology entity.”
Lacob arose that morning at his vacation home in Montana, where his family was scheduled to arrive and celebrate the holiday. But he had his private plane ready to take off at a moment’s notice in case he needed to go back to the Hamptons on Long Island, where Durant had taken his meetings over the prior few days, to make another sales pitch. “I was supposed to get the call that morning. An hour went by, it didn’t come. Two hours went by, and I’m calling [Warriors general manager] Bob Myers, Bob is calling me and I’m going, ‘What is going on? Was this bad or good that it’s taking longer?’”