Joe Lacob Rumors

We had a detailed discussion about the plans for the arena, the site lines, and Welts said that there are definitively no plans to house an NHL team there. That was an early decision–it’ll be built in NBA dimensions, not to fit both NBA and hockey, Welts said. We also had good conversations about Welts’ experiences working alongside Adam Silver in the NBA offices before Silver became commissioner, about what it’s like to work for Joe Lacob and Peter Guber and about the Warriors’ place in the market place.
On any tinkering the Warriors might do or what, if anything, might they be looking at to improve: Lacob: “We would love to continue to develop our depth as a team. You never know what can happen. We were missing Harrison Barnes for 16 games, Festus Ezeli has missed a few games, Andrew Bogut a few games. Even Steph. We would just like to have more great depth so we want to continue to develop some of our bench players. … We’d love to have another guy who can shoot, another guy who can defend multiple positions. We’re always going to look for those.”
So, with Curry having ankle issues and with Ellis seemingly entering the prime of a potentially-great career, the Bucks opted for Ellis, who was a huge fan favorite in the Bay Area. “I’m getting chills talking about (Ellis) right now,’’ Warriors owner Joe Lacob said in an interview after the Ellis-Bogut centered deal. “He’s one of my favorite players in the NBA. Anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy. I feel strongly about him.