Joe Lacob Rumors

There was pressure building on Sunday night at a hotel bar not far from the Thunder’s home, where a wayward Warriors fan was so enraged that TNT analyst Charles Barkley picked the Thunder to win the series that he challenged him to an actual fight (security was called, and the man was removed). It rose in the corner section of the arena where Joe Lacob sat on Sunday night, too, when the passionate Warriors owner grew so weary of one Thunder fan’s belligerent badgering during Game 3 that he just had to holler back at the burly fellow (Lacob’s fiancé, also in attendance, would later play the part of charming peacemaker with the Thunder fan heading into Game 4).
Yet there are two major reasons for the Warriors not to give him that raise: 1. Any raise Curry gets on his 2016-17 salary would need to come from cap space. The Warriors do have salary cap flexibility — enough, even to add Kevin Durant — doing so would be incredibly costly in luxury tax. That probably is fine when adding a player of Durant’s talent (assuming owner Joe Lacob signs off), but giving Curry a pay bump does not make the team better. It could make the team worse. At a $92 million NBA salary cap (the exact figure is not known yet), his maximum would be about $25.9 million, so the Warriors would need about $14 million in cap space to make it happen.
Storyline: Kevin Durant Free Agency
2. Curry’s new contract would not run nearly as long as if he waits one year for free agency. A renegotiated extension can only be for a maximum of four seasons, and the renegotiated season counts, so a Curry contract this summer would go through the 2019-20 season while a five-year contract as a free agent next summer could give him security until 2021-22. Waiting also likely gives Curry a higher salary per season since the cap will rise again next year — especially if, as expected, the value of maximum contracts is increased in the 2017 labor renegotiations.
Steve Kerr on Joe Lacob: First of all, I loved Kirk Lacob’s comment the next day. He said, well, my dad is our Draymond. I think he mentioned, he said Bob and Steve and Rick are like Steph and Klay. My dad is Draymond. You just said it–the energy and enthusiasm and the confidence that Joe brought to this franchise five years ago helped us get where we are now.
Storyline: Kerr-Lacob Dynamic
Kerr: Joe has told Bob and me as long as Bob and I are aligned he’s never going to overrule us. He’s hired us for a reason. He lets us do our jobs. And Joe is very involved in the process in a very effective way, just as Jerry West is. But there’s kind of an understanding that we’re building something special. He has hired us for a reason. We are the experts in our respective jobs–Bob in terms of building the roster, me in terms of coaching the guys. And Joe doesn’t want to interfere at all with that.