Joshua Harris Rumors

Many have thrown their hands up in disgust of The Process, which has accumulated 37 wins in 164 games over the past two seasons. Season ticketholders are growing weary of shoveling out big bucks to watch an organization fill a roster with subpar players who, despite playing hard night in and night out, simply don’t have the ammunition to put up a fair fight. Some are annoyed with the lack of transparency by Hinkie and the organization, which only divulged information of Embiid having a setback in early June after it was reported. Then, in early July only after multiple reports came out, did the team confirm Embiid would need another surgery.
One of the allegations made in the article was that Sixers majority owner Joshua Harris did not want Joel Embiid to travel to the Las Vegas Summer League. “There are several portions of it that are wildly inaccurate, that being one of them” Brown said, referring specifically to Embiid traveling to summer league. “I have no idea what that means or why it was said. “We’re pretty much treating [the report] as noise, and we will move on from it,” Brown concluded.
The part that seemed to upset Brown the most was the timing of the article. Joel Embiid’s brother, Arthur, passed away after being involved in a motor vehicle accident last fall. The event was not mentioned in the Sports Illustrated article that detailed his alleged insubordination. Today was the one year anniversary of his brother’s passing. “The thing that upsets me probably more than anything is you look at Joel Embiid and he lost his brother on this day last year, and the article comes out today,” Brown said. “It’s just wildly unfair with some of the accusations as it relates to now.”