Justin Bieber Rumors

Wade had a good lead for one of the East starting spots at this point last year, but Toronto’s Kyle Lowry overtook him at the end thanks to a big boost from Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. Even if Lowry gets a similar surge this season, Wade is likely to hold him off. “I think my fans are a little mad about how it happened last year, so they’ve gotten more into it,” Wade said. “When you constantly get in for 10 years, people probably aren’t voting as actively, but they got a little angry and they’ve gotten on top of it this year for sure.”
Storyline: All-Star Selections
As for Wade, if he wins the fan vote he will take the court Feb. 14 in Toronto to team up with LeBron James for the first time since James left the Heat. More significantly, he will be there for Kobe Bryant’s final All-Star Game. “As long as I hold up my votes, it’ll be a special All-Star Game for me because this is Kobe’s last one,” Wade said. “I wasn’t in the league for (Michael) Jordan’s, but I was watching it as a fan and it just looked like it was something cool to be a part of, so this will be special. A lot of people are gonna celebrate him.”
The biggest baller in the stands during NBA games isn’t Spike Lee or Jack Nicholson or even Justin Bieber — it’s Jimmy Goldstein … who spends more money on NBA tickets than anyone else on Earth. You’ve seen Goldstein on the court at various NBA games over the years — and this week he confirmed what ex-NBA Commish David Stern has said … that he’s the NBA’s biggest investor when it comes to tickets. As for how Goldstein made his fortune, that’s a bit of a mystery — but point is, the guy drops BANK when it comes to basketball.