Justin Zanik Rumors

Don’t expect a Utah Jazz coaching decision — or even interviews — to happen anytime soon. For one thing, Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey and assistant GM Justin Zanik are on a scouting trip in Europe through the end of next week. For another, Jazz president Randy Rigby reiterated that the organization is just beginning the process of establishing requirements for Tyrone Corbin’s replacement. “It will be an exhaustive search. We’ll be expeditious, though,” Rigby said Wednesday during an interview on The Zone Sports Network. “But we’ll be sensitive to taking the necessary time, so that we get it right and it will be the right selection for the Utah Jazz.”
via Deseret News
Frustrated by the response from medical professionals in the six weeks since Ava first began complaining of severe headaches, Gina put her foot down. “We are not leaving,” she remembered saying in the ER. Spinal fluid was being pumped into her skull, contorting her brain and causing double vision. The pressure could have led to blindness or, in an extreme case, death. But the trip to Milwaukee brought that to a halt. The headaches could finally be explained. But how would doctors fix them?
via Salt Lake Tribune