Keith Smart Rumors

Former Golden State and Sacramento coach Keith Smart has emerged as a strong candidate to join the Miami Heat’s revamped assistant coaching staff, league sources told Yahoo Sports. In the wake of a shakeup that resulted in the reassignments of Bob McAdoo and Ron Rothstein, Smart, 49, and Miami are discussing a role on head coach Erik Spoelstra’s bench, sources said. David Fizdale will continue as Spoelstra’s top assistant, and ex-Heat player Juwan Howard will move up to an assistant coaching job after a season working in player development, sources said.
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Smart is confident he’ll be a part of the NBA landscape somewhere next season. He noted how the Maloof family that sold the team to Ranadive was “very good to (him),” and raved about the Kings fans for whom he rooted when the city was fighting to keep its team from moving to Seattle. He’s happy for them, even if he won’t take part in the turnaround they’re all hoping for. “When I came in, I said, ‘it’s going to take about three years to get this thing moving in a certain direction,” Smart said. “That’s the tough part.”
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“A good friend of mine called me, he lives in Miami and is a lawyer, and he said, ‘Man, I’ve got to tell you, what you’ve done every place you’ve gone is you’ve increased the value of the franchise. It’s unfortunate you don’t get to watch the program grow, but you definitely increased the franchise value,'” Smart told USA TODAY Sports with a laugh. “I was in Cleveland (as an assistant coach from 2000 to 2003), near the draft and they get LeBron (James the following summer). I was a couple steps away from coaching LeBron, but I didn’t get a chance at that. And then you had the same scenario in Golden State.”
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