Kevin McHale Rumors

Kevin McHale was asked about new Lakers coach Luke Walton, who is 36 and justa 6-year-old when his father joined the Celtics for the ’86 championship run. McHale couldn’t contain his laughter at seeing Bill’s son become a head coach. “I’ve known Luke since he was a baby. I remember Luke drawing with a permanent marker on his couch and going, ‘Luke you shouldn’t do that’ and [him saying], ‘No, just flip over the cushion, don’t worry about it.’ ” McHale said. “I’ve known Luke since he was a little kid and Luke will have some gray hair at the end of this year, so I can’t wait to run into Luke and talk to him. “He’ll do a great job with that team but I think it’s on the defensive end where they really have to grow together.”
Mark Berman: Kevin McHale, during conference call with Turner Sports, was asked about James Harden: “James is a hell of a player. There’s nothing that kid can’t do. He can pass the ball. He can shoot the ball. He’s strong. He gets a lot of rebounds in traffic. He just got to be wired into defense, and understanding that he’s a big part of that team and he has to put the team first. It’s not always going to be your night. I’ve often said the mark of a great player is when he’s having a bad shooting night he’s still able to help his team. There are a lot of different tools in his tool box to help a team win games. Can you help your team win when the ball’s not going in…and that’s got to be James’ mantra. He’s got to find a way. Taking it full circle to the best players in the league, and I know that’s who he wants to be, LeBron can win games when his shot’s not going down. The elite of the elite can help their team in many ways.”
Calvin Watkins: Will Kevin McHale coach again? McHale was let go 11 games into the 2015-16 season with the Houston Rockets, after pushing the team into the West Finals the previous season. “It will have to be the right situation,” McHale said Tuesday during a TNT conference call. “You never say never. Boy I tell you what, what Steve Kerr is doing (laughs), he still coaching? There are some spots, that you think, ‘Wow it will be fun to coach that group of guys.’ But they’re normally coached up by good guys that’s why they’re good teams.” McHale coached Minnesota and Houston over seven seasons compiling a 232-185 mark.