Kevin McHale Rumors

McHale was then asked about the recent wave of coach firings – Brooklyn’s Lionel Hollins, Cleveland’s David Blatt, Phoenix’s Jeff Hornacek and New York’s Derek Fisher have all been sacked in the past month. “If your name’s not Gregg Popovich – rent, don’t buy,” said McHale, referring to the longtime Spurs coach. “There are so many players with so much pull inside the league … It’s just rough right now in the coaching profession.”
Both members of that starting backcourt — Dennis Johnson and Danny Ainge — suffered heart attacks. Ainge had his at age 50 and survived; DJ, at age 52, did not. Add Kevin McHale’s now permanently impaired foot and Bird’s and Walton’s struggles, and the nucleus of one of the greatest teams of all time is, 30 years later, deeply damaged goods.’ Bird, who turned 59 in December, says more research is clearly needed. “I have my own philosophies on that,” Bird says. “Guys that played the hardest in the league — big guys who ran their asses off — they are the ones in the most danger, I feel. Moses was one of those competitors. We build our hearts up when we are playing and then we quit performing at a high level, and our hearts just sit there. I don’t work out like I used to. I can’t. I can’t go out and run. I jog and have a little sauna, that’s about it. My body won’t let me do more than that.”
Below are leftovers from the interview with Morey, who believes the Rockets could click in the second half and will be a tough out for any team in the playoffs. Morey on looking back at McHale’s firing: “Yes. That’s how you learn. … You learn from looking back at that decision and thinking through what’s right, what’s wrong. I feel confident we made the right choice. But I also understand that reasonable people tend to look at it other ways.”