Kevin Ware Rumors

Former Louisville guard Kevin Ware, who left the Cardinals last month, is heading to Georgia State. Ware, a 6-foot-2 shooting guard, announced he was departing Louisville in late March, one year after he suffered a gruesome broken leg against Duke in the 2013 Elite Eight. He injured his right leg again in December, and is seeking a medical redshirt after playing just nine games this season. As soon as the news broke, Auburn and Georgia State seemed to be the primary options, as they are closer to Ware’s family in Atlanta.
As he was recovering from the gruesome broken leg he suffered during the 2013 Elite Eight against Duke, Louisville guard Kevin Ware had a friendly wager going with Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant as to who would return from their respective injury first. Ware revealed the details of said wager during the November 10th “Sunday Conversation” on ESPN. He’s already draining 3-pointers while Kobe’s return date is still TBD, meaning that Kobe has to attend a Cardinals game as “payment.”