Kiki Vandeweghe Rumors

For several weeks this spring, the Kings had considered hiring Kiki Vandeweghe as the franchise’s president, but those talks lost traction, league sources said. Vandeweghe is the NBA’s vice president of basketball operations, and previously had been the GM of the Denver Nuggets and Brooklyn Nets. Eventually, Ranadive backed away from the idea and turned to hiring Divac, league sources said. Most believed Ranadive had hired Divac in a ceremonial position, but the owner quickly decided to usurp general manager Pete D’Alessandro’s authority to place Divac in charge.
As I reported from the summer league in July, the league introduced an odds-reform proposal that would have made Cleveland-style leaps more likely by cutting the chances for the worst teams. The proposal was an anti-tanking measure clearly aimed at the Sixers, and it didn’t get the required supermajority in an October vote. Kiki Vandeweghe, the league’s senior vice-president of basketball operations and last night’s drawing room MC, told me the discussion has been tabled for now. “I don’t see anything happening in the immediate future,” Vandeweghe said. “We will continue to study it.”