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Kanye West turned 38 on Monday, and his wife, Kim Kardashian, helped him celebrate with a truly epic gift: she rented out the Staples Center in LA and brought all of the rapper’s friends along for a basketball game. Instead of watching the Los Angeles Lakers take the court, Kanye and his friends split themselves into two teams — East and West — for their own game. Kim’s sister Khloé shared an Instagram snap of the group in their jerseys, writing, “Kim rented out staples b*tch!!! Him and his boys are going to ball!!!! Happy birthday Yeezy!!!!” Kylie Jenner also posted a photo of herself with Khloé and her BFF Malika getting silly courtside.
Kris Humphries is still being harassed over his 72 day marriage to Kim Kardashian … with an entire section of Toronto Raptors fans starting a “Kanye” chant to troll him during a recent NBA game. TMZ Sports has the footage showing Humphries at the free throw line during Friday’s Wizards vs. Raptors game in Toronto. The chant worked. Humphries missed the shot … and the crowd went insane.
Reality television personality Khloe Kardashian has filed for divorce from her husband of four years, NBA basketball player Lamar Odom, capping months of reports that the couple’s relationship had turned rocky. Kardashian, 29, cited irreconcilable differences in seeking to end her marriage in court documents filed on Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Kardashian, a younger sister of the better-known TV celebrity Kim Kardashian, married Odom, 34, a former player for the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks, in September 2009 after a whirlwind romance. The wedding was featured on the E! channel reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” The couple have no children together.
Celtics forward Kris Humphries is a whole lot richer today after he auctioned off the whopping 20-carat diamond engagement ring he gave ex-wife Kim Kardashian. The Lorraine Schwartz-
designed bling, which features a 16.2-carat center diamond and two 1.8-carat side rocks, was sold to an unidentified buyer at a Christie’s auction in NYC. With the buyer’s premium, the ring’s new owner paid $749,000 for Kim’s hand-me-down — but that’s still way less than the estimated $2 million value.
When Kim Kardashian first arrived to Cedars Sinai to deliver her baby, she didn’t get the fancy celebrity suite she had hoped for ’cause they were all in use … and one of the VIP occupants was Dwight Howard’s newest baby mama, TMZ has learned. Sources connected to the births tell us … before Kim went into labor, she had made arrangements to stay in one of the fancy suites at the L.A. hospital. But the baby came 5 weeks early, and the fancy suites were all booked. So Kim was placed in another unit. But while Kim was laid out in bed, Kanye roamed the maternity ward … and bumped into NBA superstar Dwight Howard, whose lady was giving birth to his child.
A Los Angeles judge has finalized Kim Kardashian’s divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries. Court records show the couple’s divorce judgment was formally entered by Superior Court Judge Hank Goldberg on Monday. The filing does not reveal any new details about the couple’s split. They reached a settlement in their long-running divorce case in April and signed the judgment in late May.
He was hoping to take the divorce to court, which was scheduled for May 6, but realized he would’ve had to miss games in order to get his marriage annulled on the premise that it was a sham created for reality TV. The Nets weren’t happy about the prospect of Humphries missing games or practices following a meeting on the subject, making his decision easier. He had skipped a previous divorce settlement meeting to be with the Nets in Indianapolis.
Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian reached an agreement on a divorce settlement that will be finalized this morning, the Daily News as learned, ensuring the Nets forward will neither miss a practice or playoff game as the team prepares its series against the Bulls. Humphries didn’t have to fly to L.A. for the settlement meeting – which Kardashian attended –and instead was at the Nets’ practice in New Jersey.
If Kris Humphries were listening closely from New York, he could have heard a California judge screaming at his lawyer in court — because Kris blew off a mandatory court appearance — and it’s worse than we first thought. As we reported … the settlement conference was scheduled for 8:30 AM today, but sources connected with Kris told TMZ … he was stuck in New York. We’re told in court today … Judge Goldberg went nuclear, saying Kris could have caught a flight and that he mocked and disrespected the court. Judge Goldberg was so pissed … he set a sanction hearing — meaning Kris may be hit with fines for being a no-show.
Unless the Concord was taken out of mothballs last night, there’s no way Kris Humphries is going to appear for a MANDATORY settlement conference with Kim Kardashian today … TMZ has learned. Sources connected with Kris tell us … he was at a hotel in NYC at 1 AM today, “extremely upset.” As we reported, he’s supposed to be in an L.A. court today for a settlement conference and his attendance is required.
Kris Humphries has scored a huge victory in his fraud case against former wife Kim Kardashian. Life & Style has exclusively obtained the court documents of Keeping Up With the Kardashians producer Russell Jay’s deposition on Feb. 4. In the document, Jay admits that at least two scenes depicting Kris negatively were scripted, reshot or edited. “Kris feels vindicated,” a pal shares in the new issue of Life & Style. “It’s obvious they were trying to tarnish his reputation. This will prove how fake Kim and the show are.”
A judge says Kim Kardashian’s divorce case is ready for trial. Superior Court Judge Stephen Moloney says a trial date should be set and Kardashian’s estranged husband, Kris Humphries, has had adequate time to prepare. Moloney’s ruling Friday in Los Angeles came after months of wrangling between lawyers for when a trial can be set to end the former couple’s marriage. Humphries wants an annulment, while Kardashian is seeking a divorce.
Kim Kardashian’s divorce attorney told a judge Wednesday that the reality star wants to move on with her life but is “handcuffed” to her estranged husband because the case is not yet ready for trial. Superior Court Judge Stephen Moloney told attorneys for Kardashian and NBA player Kris Humphries to return to court in mid-February to set a trial date to either dissolve or annul the couple’s 72-day marriage. He didn’t set a deadline for depositions and other pre-trial investigations to be completed, but indicated a trial could be held early next year if it is ready by Feb. 15.
Kris Humphries has been adamant … he never dated Myla Sinanaj. Myla swore during her deposition in the Kim Kardashian divorce case … she and Kris were just friends. Well guess which friends apparently spent the night together this week? TMZ shot video of Kris and Myla leaving her house in Rutherford, New Jersey Tuesday. He was inside the house for several hours. And we’re told … Kris’ car was parked outside the entire night Monday.
After a year tarnished by a quickie 72-day marriage to ample-bottomed celebutard Kim Kardashian, an awkward appearance on her family’s E! reality franchise and the dubious honor of being voted the NBA’s most disliked player, Humphries is ready to hit the reset button. “Some people just make bad decisions and you just know it’s not what’s meant to be,” he says with an easy charm. “The decisions that you make, you obviously made for a reason. Everything in life for me has just been moving forward.”
You just renewed Kris Humphries for a two-year contract worth $24 million. Did you ever have to sit him down and say, Your job is not to be in a sham TV marriage with Kim Kardashian? Billy King: That would be like telling a lawyer he couldn’t play in a band at night. But that’s the thing I did say to Kris’s agent and Kris. We don’t need to be on TMZ; you need to be more about rebounding and playing basketball. It seemed like a circus. Billy King: I was at the wedding. Having been to a lot of weddings, I felt like I was watching a sitcom rather than a wedding.
Did you at any point think to yourself, Wow, I can’t wait to go Kris and Kim’s 25th wedding anniversary? Billy King: That thought never came across my mind. Having been around Kim when she was at games with Kris, I was just hoping that they were able to make it work. Too many times people go into marriages thinking, If it works, great, if not, I’m going to just get out. That happens too much in our country. Now I’m getting on a political soapbox here. Now I’m becoming like a governor.
Kris Humphries may be knee deep in controversy but he is having the time of his life while looking good in the upcoming issue of WESTEAST Magazine. The New Jersey Nets player posed in a military themed photospread for the magazine and he looks great. Kris is done up in camouflage makeup and military themed clothing for that added touch of authenticity. Kris is also “packing” in another photo where he is seen reclining on a sunlounger wearing a leather jacket zipped halfway up his bare chest with a pair of briefs and combat boots.
Blazers interim coach Kaleb Canales doesn’t talk about much other than basketball, so nobody should have expected much when this question was presented to him before the game. “Let’s get serious for a second. Which side DO you fall in on the Kris Humprhies vs. Kim Kardashian divorce?” Canales paused for about five seconds, smiled, then said “My focus is on the game.”
Kris Humphries is refusing to divorce Kim Kardashian unless she gives him a “public apology” and admits “the entire wedding was staged by her and her family.” Sources tell us Nets star Humphries is holding back on a divorce settlement with the reality raven and even turned down a $7 million offer from her to “shut up and go away.” A friend of Humphries told us, “Kim’s camp is depicting him as money-hungry, but in fact he turned down a $7 million settlement. Her camp is putting out stories about ‘Kim’s divorce hell’ hoping he’ll cave in, but he won’t.