Kyle Wiltjer Rumors

One NBA executive cited Saric and Kyle Wiltjer, a 6-10 Canadian forward from Portland (he is committed to Kentucky next season) as the two Internationals with the best upside physically. “There are so many things that can happen over the next few years — he doesn’t mature, or he doesn’t improve,” said another NBA exec of Saric. “But he’s a guy with size and a tremendous feel for the game, and to see that at his age is uncommon.”
Wiltjer was impressed with several things about Kentucky. He has great respect for coach John Calipari and his record of sending players to the NBA. He feels he’ll fit well in Calipari’s uptempo system of play. And he was swayed by a great recruiting class Calipari has compiled for 2011. “I want to surround myself with the best players, so I can push myself in practice every day and get better,” Wiltjer says. “Coach Cal does a great job of pushing players. I’ve gotten to know him the last couple of months. I feel I can trust him.”