Larry Bird Rumors

The Big Three are a Boston original, but Parish said their closeness was on the court. “Listen, there is no animosity and regret between the three of us,” Parish said. “Because you probably heard me say that Larry, Kevin, and I are not friends. We’re not. But there’s respect and admiration between us. And I say we are not friends because we didn’t hang out and go to dinner. We didn’t do that. But we are respectful and courteous towards each other, and what more can I ask for? And besides, I’m not an easy guy to get to know, anyway. “I’d be the first to say that I’m a distant individual. I have a tendency to come across as being aloof and dismissive. I think the best way to describe me is that I’m a loner. I prefer to be by myself.”
Perhaps the most interesting part of the 13-minute interview came when Mike Greenberg asked him about the pace of play and lineup changes that were allegedly at the core of the problem between Vogel and Pacers President Larry Bird. Vogel said that not only were those media talks inaccurate but that the two shared the same philosophy. “That’s a misconception about this whole view. Larry and I have been very well aligned all the way through these six years, including the decision to try to play faster and smaller this year,” Vogel said. “This is not something I was resistant to. It’s a style of play I’m going to try to implement with the Orlando Magic. … There was a lot made about Larry vs. Frank and the differences. But throughout the whole process, we were very well aligned. ‘It wasn’t about difference of opinion or difference of philosophy. It was about change.”
“It’s funny how the game has changed,” Bird continued. “And my thinking about it. I was really worried—back sixteen, seventeen years ago—that the little guy didn’t have a spot in the N.B.A. anymore: it was just going to be the big guards like Magic Johnson. But then players started shooting more threes and spacing the court, and everyone wants small guards now. Watching these kids play now, I’m like everybody else: Wow, man. They can really shoot! They have more freedom to get to the basket. The ball moves a little better. These kids are shooting from farther, with more accuracy. Now some teams shoot up around thirty threes a game. My era, you always think that’s the greatest era. But I’m not so sure anymore.”
Storyline: Old School vs. New School