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Donaghy says the white gang wanted to initiate him with a prison tattoo — involving a pin and ink from a pen — but he managed to talk the guys into “option #2″ … a shaved head. “It was a matter of me surviving, and getting the f**k outta there” … Donaghy says. T.D. says he owes his life to one of the leaders … a guy nicknamed “St. Pete” … “Thank God I teamed up with him. He saved my life. There’s no doubt about it, I never would’ve survived if it weren’t for St. Pete.”
Ex-NBA ref Tim Donaghy tells TMZ Sports he owes his life to the leader of a white prison gang … saying he would’ve been murdered behind bars if not for their protection. Donaghy was infamously sentenced to 15 months of hard time back in ’08 for his role in an NBA gambling scandal. While locked up, the ex-ref says he was brutally attacked by a fellow inmate. “I was a target. There was a guy who took a paint roller extension pole and blasted me in the knee a few times,” Donaghy tells TMZ Sports. “I had to have surgery to relieve the pain when I got out of prison.”
In January, Duncan sued his former financial adviser, Charles Banks, accusing him of pushing him into investments despite conflicts of interest that ultimately caused substantial loss. Banks hid his own interest in investment opportunities recommended to the 15-time All-Star, according to the complaint. The losses from 2005-2013 were discovered during a review of Duncan’s finances as part of his divorce, the player said. “I trusted someone to do a job that I hired them to do and they misused my trust and went astray and started using my money,” Duncan said in the phone interview, noting that he’s speaking out to dispel Banks’s assertions that the losses stemmed from a misunderstanding or that he was impatient and wanted out of certain investments.
But, a former financial advisor he’s suing in Bexar County for more than $1 million wants a federal judge to force Duncan to arbitration in California, or to move a portion of the suit to Colorado. U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez has scheduled a hearing for Wednesday to take up motions by defendant Charles Banks, who says the investment agreements Duncan signed specify that all disputes over Duncan’s investments in hotel and winery businesses must go to arbitration in San Francisco or Los Angeles.
A crew working for NBA Entertainment lost more than $40,000 in equipment after thieves broke into their van in Oakland, police said Thursday. The three men went inside a Panda Express in a shopping center off Hegenberger Road on Tuesday at about 2 p.m. and returned to the van about 20 minutes later to find a window smashed out and several items missing, police said. Five laptops worth an estimated $16,000, camera equipment worth $25,000 and cell phones and personal belongings were gone. Over the years, the shopping center has been a hot spot for car burglaries. It is situated across Interstate 880 from Oracle Arena and the Coliseum in East Oakland. Police plan to increase patrols of the parking lot and other areas media and tourists may frequent during the NBA Finals in Oakland.
Rita LeBlanc once expected to spend many years running the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans, which would have made her one of the most powerful women in pro sports. This week, the disowned granddaughter has spent many hours on a witness stand, trying to persuade a judge that her 87-year-old grandfather, Tom Benson, was not of sound mind when he ousted her, her mother and her brother from ownership positions with his NFL and NBA clubs, and changed his succession plan to place his third wife in line to control his business empire.
Long story short … cops say Gatling set up Internet businesses to gather credit card information from people. Once he got the numbers, he would take them to the fitness studio … convinced the lady to run the cards for various dollar amounts (she believed they were legit) … and asked her to front him 90% of the payment in cash. For example … if the woman ran a $100 credit card charge for Gatling, she would give him $90 in cash and keep $10 for herself.
Hawks forward Thabo Sefolosha, who has blamed Manhattan police for the season-ending leg injuries he suffered during his April arrest in the city, told ESPN on Friday that the incident, in addition to carrying a physical toll, also has damaged his reputation. “I was injured in the hands of the police, and it took away a lot from my everyday life,” Sefolosha said during an interview at his home. “From being able to help put the kids in bed, going up and down the stairs. We are talking about the stress that it has brought to the entire family, you know, my mom and dad in Switzerland, my brothers and sisters, my wife. Also, the damage to my reputation. I’ve had people texting me about what they saw in the newspaper and things like this. Every aspect of my life was affected by something like this, and I think putting light on the aftermath of something like this, I think that’s also something that’s important.”
We’re told someone from the flight crew called the Las Vegas Metro Police Department for help — and cops boarded the plane to deal with the situation. The alleged victim told cops he did not want to press charges — but the pilot of the plane decided he did NOT want Wall and his crew to remain on the flight … so they were escorted off. We’re told Wall and his party left without further incident. Calls to Wall’s rep have not been returned. John had posted a photo of his crew on the way to Vegas on May 22nd … though it’s unclear if the same guys were involved in the incident on the flight home.
NBA superstar John Wall was kicked off an American Airlines flight in Las Vegas this week … after someone in his crew allegedly threatened another passenger … TMZ Sports has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us … the Washington Wizards star had boarded a flight headed to D.C. on May 26th — but before the plane took off, his crew got into a verbal argument with someone else on the plane and a threat was allegedly made from someone in Wall’s group.
After a few minutes, though, James is asked about the Brelo verdict. “I am aware of the verdict,” James begins. “I’m not fully aware of all the details. So I’m not going to elaborate or comment too much on it. I don’t speak upon something that I’m not fully knowledgeable about. It’s not where I stand. Obviously, I’m gonna take a look at it and read up on it, and if I get more knowledge about it, I may give a statement. I may say something. But all I saw today was the verdict, and that’s all I know about.”
“I think so,” he says. “I think sports in general — no matter what city it is. Something that’s going through a city that’s very traumatic, or traumatizing, any of that case — I think sports is one of the biggest healers in helping a city out. Sports just does something to people. Either if you’re a player or if you’re a fan, if you just have something that has anything to do with that city, you just feel a certain way about rooting for a team that you love. It can get your mind off of some of the hardships that may be going on throughout your life, or in that particular time and period. It just does that.”
He is asked, given the temperament of the times around the country, if he has anything to say to the community. “Violence is not the answer, and it’s all about trying to find a solution,” he continues. “For good or for bad. For me, in any case, in anything that goes on in our world, or our America, the only people that we should be worried about is the families that lost loved ones. You can’t get them back. You can never get them back. We should worry about the families and how they’re doing and things of that nature. For the city of Cleveland, let’s use our excitement, or whatever passion we have for our sport (Sunday), for the game (Sunday) night.”
The Golden State Warriors are taking care of business on the court in the Western Conference Finals, but the team is also focused on taking care of business in court. The Warriors responded on Friday to a lawsuit brought against the team and Ticketmaster by ticket resale site StubHub, accusing them of illegally rigging the resale market, by filing a motion to dismiss the case. The case, should it proceed to trial, would be seen as a landmark development in the sports ticketing industry. A legal decision would set forth for the first time an established precedent as to whether the sports fan leases the right to a ticket or owns it and whether teams have the right to tell fans where they can sell the seats that they buy.
A 3-year old lawsuit between Michael Jordan and Chinese sporting goods retailer Qiaodan has escalated to China’s Supreme Court, according to a report from Reuters. In 2012, Jordan sued Qiaodan Sports, claiming that the Fujian-based manufacturer built its business around his Chinese name and jersey number ’23’ without consent. Since the 80s, he’s been widely known as Qiaodan throughout China. However, earlier this year, a court ruled in favor of Qiaodan over the trademark dispute, which was then upheld by the Beijing Municipal High People’s Court. “In light of the trademark dispute ruling, we intend to appeal to the Supreme People’s Court for retrial,” Jordan’s legal team said in a statement. They added that a separate case with Qiaodan Sports over naming right is still ongoing.
Cavs center Kendrick Perkins was involved in an altercation with his wife in Westlake. However, no arrests were made. The Cavs released a statement on the situation. “We are aware of a police report concerning a dispute between Kendrick Perkins and his wife, Vanity, that occurred this morning near their home in Westlake,” the release said. “There were no arrests or citations made by the Westlake Police, which responded on site, and there have been no accusations of wrong doing. We have spoken to Kendrick about this and understand he has cooperated fully with the authorities in their review of the situation and will continue to do so. We respect the process that the Westlake authorities will undergo in relation to this and have no further comment to make about the situation at this time.”
Cavaliers reserve center Kendrick Perkins will travel with the team to Chicago and “as of right now” will be available to play in Game 6 Thursday against the Bulls following his involvement in a domestic dispute this morning. The team released a statement confirming its awareness that Westlake police responded to a 911 call placed by a witness around 9:30 today who said she saw Perkins arguing with his wife, Vanity, in their SUV on the side of the road. Cavaliers coach David Blatt said that both he and general manager David Griffin spoke to Perkins and “as of right now he’s available to play.”
Police say Cavaliers forward Kendrick Perkins got into a verbal altercation with his wife on the side of a road. A 911 caller told police Perkins and his wife, Vanity, were “fighting” by their car on Wednesday morning. When officers arrived, the couple claimed they were having an argument. Perkins was driven to his residence and Vanity Perkins left in the car the couple was driving in. No one was injured or arrested. Police say information was handed over to the city prosecutor, who will determine if any charges will be filed. The complete police report will not be completed until Thursday.
Cops investigated the alleged incident and DISMISSED her claim because they felt her story didn’t add up. The woman filed a lawsuit against Young in 2013 … and the two sides are still battling it out. Now, according to new docs obtained by TMZ Sports … the accuser has a number in mind — $3 million … claiming she suffered emotional distress and loss of earnings. But Young isn’t buying it — and has refused to settle … instead, fighting the case tooth and nail to prove once and for all he’s no rapist. A hearing is scheduled for later this month.