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Watson was considering coaching at the time of his brother’s passing, but wasn’t quite ready to retire from playing in the NBA. His impressive list of NBA head coaches included Hubie Brown, George Karl, Jerry Sloan and Terry Stotts, and he also spent a lot of time with the late UCLA legendary coach John Wooden. Indiana Pacers president Larry Bird first put the coaching bug in Watson’s ear when he was playing there. Dwayne Hooks also believed his brother could be a great coach and constantly encouraged him to retire to focus on the new career.
Watson says he wouldn’t be the Suns’ head coach today if it weren’t for a push from his slain brother. He hopes to pay him back by his push for justice. “If he didn’t talk to me about coaching, about following my heart, about following my dream, I would still be doing veteran minimum contracts, playing basketball, trying to gauge what was next for me like when do I coach,” Watson said. “It’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me and I believe life is a choice — I tell my son that every day. My brother’s death was powerful, moving, and it forced me to make a choice to either follow my dream or hide in a jersey to overcome my tragedy.”