Leslie Alexander Rumors

After the Rockets reached the Western Conference finals last season, a majority of the players made the case to GM Daryl Morey to keep the team together. Morey, a man who believes in upgrades, did so. And what has it gotten him and owner Leslie Alexander? A 27-26 record and a team not even close to being elite. And with two games left in the first half of their season, at Golden State and at Portland, the ability to finish as the No. 8 seed seems more realistic by the day. “Right now we’re playing like our record, we’re playing bad,” Dwight Howard said. “But we have to think and believe we can win and get better. We got the second half of the season coming up, so I think this is a time for us to really focus on how can we come back in the second half of the season and make that turnaround.”
“Certainly when Moses passed away Leslie and I had a conversation immediately about just how tragic and how fleeting everything is, and we wanted to make sure we were doing what we could to help,” said Rockets CEO Tad Brown of the conversation of he had with Rockets owner Leslie Alexander. “I think the great thing about the partners we had, Leslie recognized immediately is there something we can do, we feel an obligation to help and do what we can and we have great partners in Memorial.”
Q: How hard was this decision? Leslie Alexander: It was [hard]. I really like Kevin, I got a great relationship with him. The person I had a great relationship with before that was Rudy [Tomjanovich], so it was tough. And he did a great job last year in getting us to the Western Conference Finals, missing two starters; it looked like he was going to be around a long time. This was so shocking and quick.
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