Lionel Hollins Rumors

Growing up, Hollins had no suits in his closet. So when he donated his own 10 fine suits to Men’s Wearhouse, the chain hosting the campaign, it was personal. The brand is aiming to collect 250,000 items of men’s and women’s gently used professional clothing to help unemployed workers dress sharply and ace job interviews. “I was fortunate to go to college and make it to the NBA,” Hollins told John Aidan Byrne. “I don’t need these suits anymore, but somebody does. I am inspired by the Bible verse, ‘To whom much is given, much more is required.’ ”
via New York Post
Lionel Hollins said Kaminsky’s versatility also serves him well, noting how Kaminsky has the abilities to play center and power forward. “I think he’ll be a little of both, a four and a five,’’ Hollins said. “He’s probably going to be a little bit like Pau Gasol (of the Chicago Bulls), where he’s more of a four than a five. But against the right teams, he’ll be able to play five. Having a big guy who can step out and make shots opens the court for your other guys to penetrate and post up. And, when you’re in pick-and-rolls, he can create problems. You can run pick-and-rolls with the other bigs and he can either pop or roll. I think Kaminsky’s game certainly translates well to our game. Now it’s a matter of how much will he has and toughness he has to deal with the grind that is the NBA.’’
via Racine Journal-Times