Mark Price Rumors

One of his former teammates and fellow shaprshooters, Steve Kerr, just happened to be the coach of the Warriors team victimized by the Cavs for the title. “The Warriors were such a good team. When they went up 3-1 (in the finals), I assumed it was over,” Price said. “I think everyone probably assumed that. But the momentum of the series really changed after the Draymond Green incident. When he got suspended for Game 5, things really shifted.”
Price missed Game 1 of that series with a groin injury. The Cavs lost and were forced to play catch-up the rest of the way. They almost did, but it wasn’t to be — as the shot that buried the Cavs helped propel Jordan to his status as the measuring stick for basketball greatness. “The next season, we traded Ron (for the draft rights to Danny Ferry), and that hurt us,” Price said. “I felt like other than the Lakers, and maybe the Pistons with Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars, we had the best backcourt in the league.”
“The two guys I’d maybe compare him the most to are Mark Price and Steve Nash in terms of the combination of ball-handling and passing and shooting range and creativity. But Steph has taken it to a new level,” the Warriors coach says. “Mark and Steve were pioneers in a lot of ways. Mark was the first guy that I’ve ever seen who split the double-team at the top of the circle and then shoot a runner in the lane. Nobody else used to do that. Now everybody does it. Steve also sort of revolutionized the NBA, along with Mike D’Antoni in Phoenix. They changed the way the league looks and operates.
Q: Are you looking for a long run in college or is the goal ultimately at some point to become an NBA head coach? Mark Price: I’ve never been a guy that’s tried to look too far down the road, to be honest with you. I like focusing in on what I’m doing at the time and kind of letting things happen the way they happen. Obviously I like it here a lot. I’m happy here at Charlotte. I’m trying to build a program here. What happens down the road you can never predict. But I’m always open to opportunities.
Q: Who are the coaches that have influenced you most as you worked your way up the coaching ladder? Mark Price: All my coaches. I feel fortunate. I had the opportunity to play under some great coaches along the way. My dad being my first coach I was around all the time, going on to Bobby Cremins in college (at Georgia Tech) and the chance to play under him, and then moving into the NBA with Lenny Wilkens my first seven years when I got in the pros. I would probably say I learned something from all of them. Then it’s just about kind of developing my own style with my personality and taking the great things that I’ve learned from all my coaches over the years and trying to incorporate them into what I want to do.