Media Rumors

Three minutes into my first game, I planted my left foot awkwardly onto the court while passing the ball. I felt some weird and painful twinges in the bottom of my heel and hobbled off the court. Moments later, Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey jokingly put me on the injured reserve list. A member of the training staff wrapped my foot in ice, another painful experience in and of itself. Steve Starks, president of Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment, walked by and joked something along the lines of, “Wait. Wasn’t the ice on your other foot a minute ago?”
“I’m going to explain to you all what it means, feathering, anyway,” he pronounced. “When you think of feathery, it’s nothing negative. So feathery is a positive lifestyle. It’s better than better. It’s better than great, but it’s not heavenly, it’s right under there. You cannot live a feathery lifestyle so I’m the one and the only, Mr. Feather. So if you refer to me as Mr. Feathery, that’s fine. Vic is fine. Dipo, whatever you want to call me, but if you call me Mr. Feathery, we’re here, we’re definitely here.” He wasn’t done, either. He ended his presser saying that just saying the word feathery makes him smile.
Simply put: We’ve assembled a national team of media insiders to cover the Grizzlies and FedExForum on a global scale. No sports media personality in the region has his finger closer to the pulse of the Memphis fan than my man Chris Vernon, who in addition to signing on with Bill Simmons and The Ringer to host a series of podcasts, has also joined Grind City Media as Digital Host and Contributor. Soon, you can log onto for the daily ‘Chris Vernon Show’ and hear him dish as passionately as ever on the Grizzlies, local and national sports and pop culture.