Media Rumors

Arash Markazi: Life Update: I will begin teaching at USC this fall and I’ll be moving from ESPNLA to ESPN to cover more national stories starting in July. I will be living, working and teaching in L.A. but I’ll be covering a lot more than just the teams in L.A. starting next month for ESPN. And for undergraduate & graduate journalism students at USC the class is JOUR 432. I think there’s only one spot left for the fall semester.
Do you have to keep your phone on loud in the middle of the night? Adrian Wojnarowski: This job, for me, it’s a 52-week-a-year job. It’s not about cramming. To me, it’s an ongoing conversation that you have to be willing to have for 52 weeks a year. You can’t just call people when you need something. And it’s a two-way street of sharing information. The work you do over the rest of the year sets you up to hopefully have success in these very intense periods.
Do you have to be on the phone constantly, even when you’re on vacation or with the family? Adrian Wojnarowski: I remember once, my son was young and we were in our front yard playing catch. And my phone was on the front stoop. I’d throw the ball and he’d throw it back. And then I’m like peeking over at the phone if there’s a text message or a missed call or whatever, right? So I throw a ball and I go over and look and he’s waiting or whatever. And I’m saying to myself, if I’m the guy across the street and I’m watching me, like, what kind of an asshole is that father over there? I always think of it this way: five days from now nobody is going to remember if I broke that story or not, but five days from now, five years, ten years, fifteen years, your kids are going to remember that you weren’t there, or that you were there but weren’t there. Nobody’s going to remember that you broke a trade. It’s a vapor.
I know your contract is coming up this year. Any chance you want to break some news on GQ about what might be next for you? Adrian Wojnarowski: I love Yahoo. I work with unbelievable people. It’s an unbelievable place. I’ve grown with it. It’s been a tremendous platform for me. I’m listening to what’s out there. I’m listening to some different ideas, some different things, as well as talking to Yahoo. Just to listen and see. It would take something extraordinary for me to leave Yahoo. It would.
Lombardo won’t rule out other talk shows, too, particularly if the right personality comes along. Though he’s tight-lipped about names on his wish list, he acknowledges the soon-to-be available Jon Stewart would hold appeal. “Trust me,” he says, “I’ve already had a very polite conversation.” Considerably more likely is Simmons, whom the network is said to have made a big play for after his unceremonious booting from the more corporate ESPN. Such a move would be straight out of the HBO playbook, which famously provided a creative reprieve for former ABC flameout Bill Maher many years earlier. Though Simmons is said to have several suitors, insiders say con­versations at HBO have focused on a TV show — something Simmons is believed to want — along with heavy digital extensions that make the prolific personality tailor-made for the HBO Now era.