Mike Brown Rumors

The starters lost. Brown told the losers to run. A fuming Artest booted the basketball to the rafters. Brown confronted him. “I yelled, ‘Ron, don’t kick that ball!’” “I’ll do what the (bleep) I want,” Artest yelled back. “Don’t you kick that ball again,” Brown demanded. Artest didn’t. He instead charged toward Brown. “I’m thinking, ‘Oh my god, I’m gonna have to fight him,’” Brown said. “Please somebody help me. Michael Smith – Michael ‘The Animal’ Smith – stepped in and stopped the thing.”
One scary day in May, Brown was upstairs in his Cleveland home packing for a fun weekend away in Florida with a buddy when son Cameron screamed from the kitchen below that there was a fire. The 19-year-old was frying pecan dessert he had made before when the oil caught fire. Brown rushed down, stepped in to stop the flames and slipped on some oil. He found himself on the kitchen floor, his right side burning. “It was May 27,” Brown says. “I’ll never forget the day. That’s my youngest son’s birthday.” Brown was wearing shorts. Had he been in long pants, it would have been far worse. His right foot burned, too, the flames going right through a good pair of sneakers.