Mike Budenholzer Rumors

If Budenholzer decides to promote Schroder, do the Hawks opt to trade Teague in an effort to improve their roster in another area? “We value both Jeff and Dennis,” Budenholzer said when asked if he is ready to hand the keys to the offense to Schroder. “They have both been incredibly good for us. Part of the reason we have had success is we have had two really good point guards. I am not ready to say anything other than how much we love them both. They are a big part of why we have been successful.”
Storyline: Teague-Schroeder Dynamic
With the Hawks, Horford, who turns 30 next month, could receive a deal worth about $150 million from the Hawks and a deal worth about $111 million with another team. “We have said it and it’s the same, he is somebody that we value and somebody that we find very, very important to us,” Hawks coach and president of basketball operations Mike Budenholzer said. “From the way he plays to his character on and off the court, he is the kind of person we want to continue to build with.”
In the aftermath of the flagrant foul, former head of NBA player discipline Stu Jackson said he believed Thomas should receive a one-game suspension. Schroder seemed to feel the same way. “I still feel disrespected (about) what he did,” Schroder told reporters before the league released its decision. “I (had) just scored a basket and tried to go back on defense and he smacked me. It had nothing to do with basketball. “We talked with the referees before the playoffs, and what they told us is what he did to me yesterday is a suspension. I can’t control it. … It is on the (league memo), and Coach (Mike Budenholzer) told us that we can’t do this, we can’t do that, it is going to be a suspension.”
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