Mitch Kupchak Rumors

Given the Lakers’ struggles this season, many have wondered if the team will be sellers at the trade deadline, and Kupchak confirmed to McGee that the team was evaluating their options. “There was a flurry of phone calls a couple of weeks ago, most of which i initiated,” said Kupchak, who explained the Lakers “have to be careful with what we do. Most of the teams that would have interest in our players would have interest in our young players and we covet our young players pretty highly right now. So it would be tough for us to move a young player.”
“I think if we can develop four or five players going forward that look as if they belong in this league, with all of our financial flexibility going forward we’ll be in a position to attract complimentary, or even more than complimentary, players to play with them in free agency,” said the Lakers general manager before acknowledging that such pitches were “very difficult for us to do last year because we really didn’t have much to sell.”
The Lakers had an inside track. “Believe it or not, my son was being recruited by Wyoming,” Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak says, “and we visited Wyoming back in May, my son and I. And while we were there, I spent a lot of time with the coaches and they raved on Larry Nance Jr. A lot of it was about the [ACL] injury and how he still is not completely recovered but also the kind of kid he was.” The Lakers were also intrigued by when Nance had a strong postseason, leading the Cowboys to the Mountain West tournament title in Las Vegas as well as their first NCAA berth in 13 years. Whenever scouts called Cowboys assistant Allen Edwards to get insight on Nance, he told them, “He’s a lot more skilled than you guys think he is.” And to Nance Jr., Edwards preached, “Where you’re going to turn a lot of heads is when you go into these individual workouts.”