Mitch Kupchak Rumors

Q: With you and Mitch, I don’t have a great sense of the dynamic there. You seem like you always get along, but can you shed some light on that relationship. Jim Buss: “Oh, it’s fantastic. I’ve been working with him for probably close to 15 years, as he’s been GM. That right? And I worked with (former Lakers executive) Jerry (West) before that. Of course I was doing more scouting with Jerry and just learning the ropes. What to look for. He has taught me things that are still very, very important to this day, and very insightful. You constantly see that he was right. (West) is right a lot of times (laughs). You can hear very intelligent people talk about it, but I put my money on Jerry West when it comes to his knowledge of the game and what makes a pro.”
“They’re one big deal from being in good position again,” one executive said. “That’s what it takes. And that’s what they’ve been able to do in their history and I wouldn’t count them out from being able to pull it off again.” But many were just as quick to point out several much bigger issues limiting the organization from the fast turnaround it feels increasing internal and external pressure to pull off. Such problems include management, ownership and coaching, which are addressed in this story, as well as a lack of assets, a shift in the free-agency landscape and the presence of Bryant, all of which are addressed in the three other stories in this series.