Monty Williams Rumors

In five seasons, Williams had a 173-221 with New Orleans and led the franchise to two playoff appearances, including his first season when he had All-Stars Chris Paul and David West. ”Monty was my first coach, so we kind of have that connection,” Davis said. ”It was tough because we went through a lot together from my rookie year, the second year and going to the World Cup and winning a gold medal. He helped me through a lot; taught me a lot. ”But when it happened (Williams fired), he definitely called me and said don’t worry about me, I’m going to be fine and just go out there and be great.That shows what kind of guy he is. He’s never talked bad about the organization. I wish him the best.”
via New Orleans Times-Picayune
Was it tough to see Monty Williams go and what lessons do you take with you? Anthony Davis: It’s always tough to see a coach go. I came in with that coach and he taught me a lot about the game, about life, about being a man. It’s always tough to see the coach that you came in with leave. We still talk about everything. Just because he’s not coaching us anymore doesn’t mean he won’t be a factor in my life. We still keep in touch and I wish the best for him.
via Sports Illustrated