Monty Williams Rumors

Ingrid was the wife of Thunder assistant Monty Williams. Monty was the coach of the Pelicans the five seasons before this one. The fortunate timing allowed some of Monty’s former players to visit him in a time of need. Ryan Anderson and Anthony Davis were among them. “It was good to even find a way through conversation even to see him laugh for a second in the midst of something so horrific,” Anderson said. “Like joking about basketball stuff. It was obviously devastating. There were a lot of tears today. But just to be able to kinda fight through that and have some kind of strength through that is amazing. He’s such an amazing guy.”
“This was the perfect person to be there for me, put her arm around me and tell me this isn’t something you are going to understand and it’s OK to feel the way that you are feeling,” Anderson said. “She was, just, they were up with me all night. Then they were there for me for months after and I know if she was still here today, she’d still be there for me. She will always have a special place in my heart.”
In a Thursday press conference, Oklahoma City Police Department Capt. Paco Balderrama said one of the three children who was a passenger in Ingrid Williams’ sports utility vehicle was released from OU Medical Center. The names and ages of the children were not disclosed. The Williams family has five children, ranging ages 5 to 17. “The other two are banged up but expected to be OK,” Balderrama said.