Music Rumors

Iman Shumpert, the Cavaliers’ mid-season acquisition known best for stifling defense and his signature hairstyle, a flat top that invokes memories of Will Smith from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” has written and performed a new hip-hop song for the playoff run. Titled “The Offs,” Shumpert references each member of the roster at least once, including injured Anderson Varejao, who was lost in December with a torn Achilles. Even head coach David Blatt has a line in the song.
via Cleveland Plain Dealer
Now, three years later, Boozer and a few other musically inclined NBA players have joined forces with several giants of the hip-hop industry to spit bars on “Full Court Press Vol. 1,” a collection of basketball-themed rap songs that’s due to drop in early October, according to Ridley, the project’s creator. Rappers and ballers (the hard court variety, though no doubt the lyrical meaning applies as well) pair up on each song on the 10-track album. A portion of iTunes sales of the first single, “I’m a Champion” ($1.29) will benefit the ‘nPLAY Foundation’s fight against childhood obesity. On the song, NBA free agent Shawn Marion raps, “I’m like Neo, welcome to the Matrix,” playing off his nickname, while co-stars T-pain, Dorrough and Young Cash add verses.
via Red Eye Chicago