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How can the potential lockout be avoided in 2017? “Sitting down at a table already now with the NBA to understand what worries the owners and what worries the players. In the past very few attempts to speak in advance of the problems that led to the lockouts have been made. Whether Both commissioner Silver and myself want to do everything possible to prevent the NBA to stop: the only way is to negotiate. We have already started, we will meet again in early September with the hope to announce within the end of the season that the union and the league have solved their problems. ”
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The executive director of the NBPA, Michele Roberts, was interviewed by Davide Chinellato of La Gazzetta dello Sport. Below you can read the translation of her interview. “I was born and raised in the Bronx, in the public housing (projects). In my life I have overturned the odds: as a woman, as African-American, grown as a person in poverty. My story is very similar to the players’ one, and for this reason they chose me. ” The most powerful woman in the NBA is called Michael Roberts, 58 years old, a little more than a year ago named as the executive director the NBPA, the players union.
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Who is the most “unionized”? “The desire to be part of the union is a widespread feeling. There are players completely immersed in the union activities (Chris Paul is the president, LeBron James and the first vice President, and in the executive committee there is also the mvp Steph Curry (editor note)). It would be easy to think that players with huge financial success are not very interested, but it’s just the opposite. ”
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